Calling all Cultures!

One of the best things about living in our community is how greatly diverse we are.

This is celebrated in large part by the Coral Springs Multi-cultural Advisory Committee. It is their mission to “Recognize and develop responses to the growing diversity of the city’s population and to promote appreciation, acceptance, and respect for cultural differences and similarities.”

The Committee is passionate about cultural exclusivity and helps organize events like the International Dinner Dance; which celebrates multi-cultural month and increases community appreciation for the many diverse ways of life and nationalities that are part of our community. One of their closely held tenets is, “To celebrate, experience and learn in creative ways about cultural differences; to increase our self  worth by adding value to our lives through understanding and appreciation of others.”

Formed in February of 1995, the Multi-cultural Advisory Committee has constantly been striving to make Coral Springs “The Nation’s premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.” They are succeeding by making cultural appreciation such a large piece of what our corner of northwest Broward is about.

City of Coral Springs Community Relations Manager Joyce Campos says, “Serving as the staff liaison on the Multi-Cultural Committee since its inception has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job. This group of dedicated volunteers has been an inspiration to me as they devote their time untiringly to the educational and cultural programs we host for the City. Even if we touch the lives of one person in a positive way, it is time well spent.“

Joyce and her colleague Gladys Castro enjoy ensuring that events like the International Dinner Dance and WorldFest continue to be available to us for years to come! This empowers Coral Springs to continue to blossom and thrive in our cities’ diverse traditions.

Gladys Castro tells us, “As a Chair for the Multicultural Gala Dinner for 23 years, I love the vision of the event. A rich celebration of the different Cultures, Traditions, Music, Arts, and Food of other countries. We celebrate the cultures of our neighbors and foster great sense of unity and respect for one another. Coral Springs and Parkland have a wealth of cultures that give our communities strength, innovations and endless possibilities”.

We hope our readers will take the time to stay informed about the many programs that the Coral Springs Multi-cultural Advisory Committee puts together as well as get involved and attend these events! We encourage you to take  the opportunity to celebrate the cultural wealth that we share as a unified community!

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