Cancer Patients Experience Neuropathy Relief at Genesis Physical Medicine

By Ashley Ferraro

Peripheral neuropathy, which refers to nerve damage that causes numbness and tingling, can be a debilitating side effect of cancer treatments. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation often report a partial or total loss of sensation in their limbs which may be accompanied by a “pins and needles” feeling.

For a patient already undergoing rigorous medical treatment, it’s often not practical to pursue further invasive procedures to manage the neuropathy they’re experiencing. That’s why Dr. Mike Rozenblum and his team at Genesis Physical Medicine have developed a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-prescription therapy plan to alleviate peripheral neuropathy commonly experienced by cancer patients.

“We’re not giving our patients any additional medications or prescriptions, which would be difficult for their bodies to process in addition to all of the other medications it has to process due to the cancer treatment,” he says. “We’re utilizing a technology to stimulate the nerves and to help reestablish a neurological connection between those nerve endings in the brain.”

Dr. Rozenblum and his team utilize a neuromodulation device that patients can take home and use as needed–for mild cases, once daily, and for more severe cases, several times throughout the day. This treatment is typically paired with therapeutic LED technology, various creams, and nutritional supplements, in addition to other means that prove beneficial to the individual patient. 

Although Dr. Rozenblum normally supplements at-home treatment with in-office care, he realizes how challenging the task of leaving home can be for many cancer patients. To remedy this while still offering best-in-class care, Dr. Rozenblum and his team devise     specialized treatment plans that can be done almost entirely from the comfort of the patient’s home.

An astounding 85% of patients accepted for neuropathy treatment at Genesis are successful, which is defined as a 50% or greater improvement.

“ My neuropathy caused me to also have balance problems,” says Susan C., a patient of Dr. Rozenblum’s. “I now feel totally balanced and it’s wonderful. I bowled better than I have in years. The feeling in my legs is getting better and better. This is really working!”

The team at Genesis recognizes the value of transparency when it comes to treatment. “In a very severe case, you may not have 100% improvement,” says Dr. Rozenblum. He explains that setting realistic expectations are crucial with this type of therapy.

Before getting accepted for treatment, Dr. Rozenblum and his team will conduct an initial evaluation to determine whether a patient will make a good candidate and, if so, what kind of results they can expect.

The initial evaluation cost is $77, and the office’s “No Wait Policy” means you can be seen immediately. Genesis Physical Medicine does not accept Medicare or standard insurance but does offer financing options.

To learn more about Genesis Physical Medicine’s innovative peripheral neuropathy treatment, visit or call (954) 977-0888.

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