September 2020 Community news

Change it Up!

By Shellie Miller-Farrugia

If there is anything that we have been reminded of lately, it is that change is inevitable! Recently, a conversation with a friend of mine revealed that, in the psychology realm, there are six stages of change. Not that I want to dive into all of them here, but the interesting thing about these six stages is that every one of us goes through them! Think about the last time you made any kind of change in your life. There is no doubt that you had some pre-contemplation, which simply means the thought of changing something came to your mind. There were a few more steps until you got into action mode, and began the process to implement the change into your lifestyle.

Living the way we have for several months, many of us are ready to make major changes right now! I’m hearing about people relocating, and taking steps to live in places that are more amenable to their wants, needs, and lifestyle. Several of my friends have been blessed to find new, more exciting jobs. One of them made a complete career change, and is very happy because of it! My personal belief is that so many of us get comfortable with the status quo until we finally say, “Enough! I can accomplish more! I need a bigger challenge!”

19 years ago, my husband and I were facing a sobering reality. We knew that we had to make positive changes for our entire family, so we sat down and, over several months, came up with the Spectator! It had to be big, bold, and loved by the community. That was our initial goal, and we were laser focused. With the help of valued friends and our industry knowledge, we stormed the fields, took thousands of photos, interviewed athletes both professional and amateur, and built lasting relationships with local families and businesses. We are grateful for the many people who have encouraged us over the years.

But here is the thing… If we hadn’t made the decision to make a change, we would still be stuck. There are so many people out there who feel stuck, and it hurts them to think about it. We get stuck in the job, stuck with the car that is unreliable, stuck with the wrong roommate, and/or stuck in a town that doesn’t feel like home. Maybe you are one of those friends who feels like everything needs to change! The time is right now! Take a step… for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Scott and I still wake up every morning and give thanks for that day long ago when we felt discombobulated, a little lost, and unsure which way to turn next. Change is often scary and tough; but I firmly believe that if it’s painted in a positive hue and nurtured with care, change is the only way any of us can expect to achieve a fulfilling life beyond the status quo.


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