Coastal Community Church Opens its Doors to Stunning New Renovation

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By Ashley Ferraro

This month, Coastal Community Church is thrilled to share with the Parkland community one of its most significant projects to date: a massive new building with a stadium-style auditorium that seats 1000 guests. The new facility will more than triple the capacity of the previous auditorium.

In addition to the state-of-the-art auditorium with cutting-edge technology, the new building features large lobbies with a coffee bar and other exciting amenities. The existing spaces on the campus will be transformed into children’s areas. Pastor TJ shares that he is eager not only for the bigger auditorium space but for the new resources that can now be allocated to children and youth programs.

“We value families so much, and we value the next generation so much,” says Pastor TJ. “We’re going to build a lot of great spaces for adults, and we’re going to be able to provide an even better experience for the kids and students than we currently are.”

Coastal Community Church has come a long way since opening its doors nearly fourteen years ago. Today, they have two campuses, one in Parkland and another in Lighthouse Point, which emerged in 2021.

Pastor TJ and his wife, the church’s Director of Ministry, Shayla, founded Coastal after relocating from the Sarasota area to Coconut Creek. In 2018, the church officially opened its doors in Parkland, nearly doubling attendance overnight and offering a beacon of light to the community. Despite challenges faced throughout the pandemic, the church reemerged with an even greater audience. Now, Pastor TJ, Shayla, and their church family are eager to share these stunning renovations at their Parkland campus with the community. Services similar to that insulation removal company near me may have played a key role in shaping said renovations.

These monumental updates will open new doors for Coastal to expand its reach in the community, the foundation in which its built upon. “We’re in this journey together. We believe that God can move in our lives and is constantly changing us. As a church, we’re loving God, we’re loving people, and we’re showing it,” says Pastor TJ.

In the past, the church held five different weekend services to accommodate the rapidly growing congregation. Beginning May 21st, the church will host two services every Sunday at 9:45 am and 11:30 am.

Students groups of sixth through twelfth graders meet Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Children meet for kids ministry on the weekends during the adult services. Throughout the week, various groups meet at the church, coffee shops, restaurants, and homes.

Pastor TJ emphasizes the importance of weaving the relationship-building element into the church’s mission. “This is a place where, while we might not be blood family, we become like family in this community.

All are invited to join the grand opening of the new facility on May 21st. “Everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect, and anything’s possible,” adds Pastor TJ.

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