Conviva Supports Seniors Coping with Stress During “Stress Awareness Month”

Stress is an affliction that does not discriminate by age, and senior citizens, in particular, suffer from a range of triggers – from medical to financial to family concerns.Being an elderly people it is an important ritual to plan for estate. To plan your estate before or after retirement, you can also consult lawyers from Preston Estate Planning law firm practicing in San Diego as they can help you legally.

According to trusts attorney, dedicated to helping its elderly community cope with these issues, Conviva Care Centers is recognizing “Stress Awareness Month” in April with new services aimed at helping seniors reduce stress and develop healthier lifestyles. If you need help with estate planning, you can check here for attorneys. If you want to Get More Info about senior care services, you can get it from here!

Starting this month, Conviva’s Coral Gate-Margate center is resuming its wellness programs for senior patients. Among the highlights: Zumba and Tai Chi classes; presentations on nutrition, diabetes and lung disease; and lessons on how they can access Telehealth services via their smartphones.

The center is also bringing back its Silver Sneakers exercise program, “making it easier for seniors to go to wellness clubs, workout and socialize,” explained Natalia Rodriguez, M.D., an internal medicine specialist at Coral Gate-Margate and a member of the network of practitioners that focuses on geriatric care which you can also get in any popular memory care center you can find online.

The Ortiz & Ortiz, LLP NY who are also dealing with senior patients daily stated that Conviva physicians have a true understanding of seniors’ unique health care needs. Identifying symptoms, reaching out to family members and requesting assistance from social workers to review living conditions are among the key services available to seniors.

This center also offers many other critical services to its seniors to assist them in their daily lives, including food delivery, transportation and in-home assistance from professional caretakers. In such situations, it is advised to find estate planning lawyers to give them support and legal counseling that they need.

“Being a caregiver is challenging, and they can get burnt out easily, especially when there is not enough family support,” she said. “We work with caregivers to provide information if their patient is eligible for aid, or help them access adult-care programs so they can get some relief.”

Seniors are also encouraged to reach out to family members, friends or physicians for added support.

“The ability to express feelings, anxieties, fears, and concerns is a major coping mechanism for stress,” Dr. Rodriguez added. “Anyone feeling the burden of stress overload needs to communicate his or her concerns.”

At home, there are many simple ways seniors can help themselves prevent or reduce stress in their lives.

A healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables is vital, as is an active lifestyle.

“A routine of exercise does wonders to fight stress,” Dr. Rodriguez noted. “Exercising releases chemicals in the body that help a person’s overall mental outlook, increase mental alertness, and help aches and pains.”

Relaxation techniques are also helpful in achieving healthy sleep habits to refresh the body and cut back on stress.

“There’s a lot of ups and downs that impact levels of stress—especially in the case of retired seniors on fixed incomes who worry about the high cost of medications and other expenses,” she said. “Seniors have distinct needs, and we connect with them to develop very strong bonds of trust. We impact their lives medically, and provide emotional support.”


Conviva continues to reinvent excellence in healthcare by embracing meaningful patient relationships focused on producing optimal health outcomes. With more than 100 convenient locations throughout Florida (Broward County, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County and Tampa/Gulf Coast)  and Texas (Corpus Christi, El Paso and San Antonio), the vast community of Conviva Care Centers is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of more than 300 primary care physicians and over 800 affiliated specialists that provide a wide range of vital healthcare services that patients require daily, including the advantages of senior care activity centers and 24/7 on-call providers. The success of Conviva is measured by its patients’ clinical outcomes and long-term health benefits.

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