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Coral Springs Youth Soccer Plans its Biggest Season Yet

Coral Springs Youth Soccer has been bringing families together for more than 40 years. Above all, the league is dedicated to developing a fun and rewarding experience for players of all ages and skill levels. Each year, Youth Soccer has anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 players, and the league’s president Steve Cimaglia anticipates a bigger turnout than ever this year.

According to Steve, CSYS will see some fundamental changes, as the league will be providing more resources across all facets this year. The league will start by completely revamping its referee program, in which it will implement more advanced training requirements. At the same time, the coaches will get the full attention of the board members to ensure they’re fully prepared and confident to start working with the kids on the field.

The league relies on parents to volunteer as coaches and welcomes even those without sports or coaching backgrounds to participate. This past season, with social distancing guidelines in place, coaches participated mainly in virtual training courses. This coming season, the league plans to be much more proactive with its various training methods, including online and in-person classroom training.

Now that in-person training is an option again, CSYS will return to their practice of organizing classroom training by player age group. “If you’re a U12 coach, we’re going to give you training on what’s expected for that specific age group,” says Steve. “There are different rules for different age groups, and we want to make everyone aware of everything.” He notes that they’re also hoping to implement various field training exercises to help the coaches be more comfortable with teaching drills.

Widely regarded for its family-oriented practices, CSYS is just as much developed for the parents as it is for the kids. The league makes it very easy and enjoyable for anyone who doesn’t yet understand the rules of soccer to get involved. “That’s what makes it fun for everyone,” Steve adds.

CSYS acts as an excellent supplemental activity for kids to participate in throughout the year. As a Coral Springs resident with three daughters, Steve stresses the league’s role in affording kids a new opportunity outside of their ordinary activities. “I have two daughters that cheer for the Chargers. Right when that ends, soccer starts,” he adds.

When soccer begins each November, kids are introduced to an entirely new group of teammates in their age group. Teams are built utilizing a rating system and an algorithm to ensure fairness all around. The league follows stringent guidelines to guarantee that all players receive equal playing time, as more than anything, the idea is for the kids to have fun.

Practices and games will be held at Mullins and North Community Park. The season will run through March and will be rounded out by the annual Soccer Bowl Tournament.

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