Family in Focus August 2021

Meet the Assuncao Family

Luciano and Veronica settled in Parkland two years ago with their adorable children, Ella, 5, and Lucas, 3. This dynamic couple chose Parkland because, Luciano tells us, “We like the family oriented community and the great events that Parkland puts on.” After our long period of lockdown, when we asked about life during quarantine, Veronica shared her family’s experience. ,“It encouraged us to do more outdoor activities together as a family, which we hadn’t spent enough time doing before.”

Friendly, engaging, and a valuable asset to our community, Luciano and Vanessa are focused on community involvement as well as their professions. As a Public Claims Adjuster & Manager of Five Star Claims Adjusting, Fort Lauderdale, Luciano is a problem solver on behalf of homeowners throughout the Tri-County area. Veronica was a beloved  elementary school teacher at Calvary Christian Academy until Ella was born, and has been a dedicated homemaker since.

Outside of work and family commitments, Luciano has a passionate affinity for chess and taught a chess class from April of 2019 until the start of covid. Both Luciano and Veronica are focused on sharing their faith with other friends and family, and have enjoyed serving at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in various capacities for almost 10 years. 

Active siblings, Ella and Lucas both love swimming and Ella started taking tennis lessons this year. Veronica tells us, “We love being able to spend quality time sharing experiences with each other as a family. We like getting to travel, as well as just spending time together at home.”

Ella and Lucas will both attend Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) for the new school year in August. Ella will begin first grade, where one of her favorite things to do is being outside and enjoying at wildlife. Lucas will also start pre-school at CCA.

Luciano, a soft-spoken and cerebral man, concludes our interview with an inspiring thought. “In a world that is changing so fast around us, this verse serves as a reminder of the direction that we want to go as a family. “But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15b. 

Luciano, Veronica, and their children all attend services at Calvary Chapel Parkland.

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