Dean and Christine Eberle of Nexus Cycle

Fitness to the Nexus Level

Dean and Kristine Eberle have long been motivated by fitness and their deeply held passions for helping others. Both successful in their separate medical careers, just over a year ago they combined their knowledge, education and love for others to begin Nexus Cycle. Kristine says “I’ve been a fitness trainer for a long time, and it’s always been a dream of mine to help people get healthy. I wanted a place that showed more personalized treatment and really cares about other people.“

Dean stresses three main points that he believes separate Nexus from other fitness studios. 1. Innovation – He tells us, “We have the coolest equipment to provide clients with the best workout.” The second strength at Nexus is Dean’s Masters degree in physical therapy. He has extensive experience in working with elite and professional athletes, and uses his knowledge and experience to design all of the workouts for every fitness level. “It’s easy to train top athletes but, in our studio, we are easily able to modify our workouts on the fly for people who may have limitations or injuries.“ The third point of strength is Motivation. Dean continues, “Most big box gyms are motivated by the bottom line. Kristine and I are not. We opened this gym because we want to help people and we love what we do. Our focus is on customer service and the client’s experience. We make it a point to know everybody’s name and make everyone feel welcome.”

The clean studio features the latest equipment for optimal strength training as well as a cycling area filled with 22 RealRyder Indoor Cycles. Enthusiasts love the fact that they can burn 20% more calories than a normal stationary bike. The fact that the cycle leans and turns, engages the client’s core and also gives the rider the sensation of being on a real road bike. Classes are energetic, motivational, friendly and fun.

Dean feels that fitness is now focused toward functional training, moving on multiple, three dimensional planes. “We are teaching people how to move properly, utilizing the correct mechanics and motions they would use in their everyday lives like bending down to pick up their child, changing a tire, transferring the laundry,” he explains. “We’re including physical therapy properties into our programs. Not only are we training people to get better, we are training them to prevent injury.”

Dean and Kristine teach all of the strength classes, and are joined by a group of specialized instructors who are certified on the RealRyder cycles. Dean is very proud of the fact that the ratio of trainers to class participants is 1 to 8. He says that many other studios have between 24 to 36 students training under just one instructor per class. Another remarkable difference is that clients at Nexus are not expected to sign contracts.

Results are another positive aspect of training at Nexus. Kristine mentions a gentleman who has been in their program for almost a year. “He was paying a private instructor for personal training at another facility and was very frustrated with his lack of results, which brought him to us. Since starting last year, he has last more than 50 pounds! Things like that are what drives me to do what we do.“

Nexus Cycle Fitness Studio

9659 Westview Drive Coral Springs. 954-369-1461

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