Florida’s Finest Honey

Since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for honey bees. I remember spending long Sunday afternoons with my Great Uncle Art and his bees, many of my elementary school science projects were about bee colonies and their lifecycle.  I have since traveled the world and have lived abroad for the past 13 years. While away, I lived with my husband’s grandmother who sourced all her food from her garden and animals she raised. She never used or uses processed sugar or food. In place of sugar, she uses local raw honey. She uses honey not only to sweeten her teas but for medicinal purposes as well. She will be 93 years old this year.

My experience living with her sparked my interests in sourcing what we consume from the bounties of the earth.

On our return to the United States, it was my goal to get back to nature and to spread the word of healthy eating and how we can aid our bodies with raw, unprocessed, NON-GMO foods.


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