Give the Gift of Love

By Lisa May

The Holiday season is over, and the challenge of mastering our New Years Resolutions is upon us. Every year I take some time to reflect on the previous year.; all that I have to be thankful for. Then I begin my list of aspirations for the coming year, what I want to accomplish, what I want to do differently, what new leaf will I turn over, and what I want to continue. Without fail, every year, the same two things make the top of my list; love my family well and lose weight. Some years I do better than others, but generally, I take two steps forward and three backward. What makes the difference? Being intentional! I know how to be intentional about diet and exercise, but how do we intentionally love well?

Like losing weight, emotional intimacy doesn’t just happen. You don’t just wish it, and it happens. I know we all want to believe we have that one, fabulous, everything I dreamed of, soul mate, but scientific research dispels that myth. Soul mates aren’t born, they’re developed. We start our relationships wanting to be together every moment and talking for long hours at a time. A few months pass, and we notice we aren’t calling as often, they no longer are as beautiful and handsome as you thought, and you decide they aren’t the person you thought they were. Where is that person I committed too?

This year be intentional about loving well and developing the relationship that you’ve always dreamed about. Rather than candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day, be intentional about giving the gift of love. Join us for RECL(AIM), a research-based, relationship education workshop. RECL(AIM) is a Friday evening, and Saturday devoted to challenging, strengthening, and encouraging, you and your spouse to deepen your love for one another. Discover new skills and tools, so you are equipped to meet one another’s emotional needs, enhance your communication, and learn the art of listening. Learn how to resolve conflicts without it escalating to dirty fighting and understand how your personality impacts your relationship for better or worse.

The story of Mr. Rogers and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is making headlines and getting extensive coverage on networks and talk shows. Although the storyline has an updated, mature twist, the message is as old as time, intentionally giving your time and the gift of love. Our marriage and families can be a safe place where we are emotionally known, and redemptive love is put into action. The power of the classics, whether a book or the big screen, a Western such as Dances with Wolves, a love story like Titanic or a superhero such as Batman, it’s always about redemptive love put into action.

Whether you’re just beginning your relationship or you’ve been married for many years, be intentional and give the gift of love, although if you have an anniversary you could try with a gift like from these Wax anniversary gifts as this is a great place to start. Join us for RECL(AIM); love being put into action.

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