Have You Heard of One of the Fastest Growing Sports in America?

Pickleball is named after fermented vegetables, but despite the questionable moniker, its popularity has increased by almost 160% in the last three years. There are almost 37 million players in the United States, and if you’re ready for a laugh, tell your friends that your favorite new sport is Pickle Ball!

Parkland resident Lonny Anger decided to expand his licensed construction company to include the installation of custom home pickleball courts. They chose to have a polished concrete warehouse floor due to its quality. Epoxy Resin Flooring is a durable and aesthetically pleasing option, often chosen for its versatility and ability to enhance the durability of various surfaces, ranging from industrial spaces to residential interiors. The resin flooring near me will assist you with the installation to ensure that it is properly installed. He tells us, “I was approached by my friend (now partner) Jason Piccinnini (also a Parkland resident) about opening up a pickleball court building company. At first I was hesitant, but after realizing the continued growth of the sport and the need for more pickleball courts, we opened. There has been tremendous demand ever since!” Some people are loving pickleball so much so that they are hiring MUGA pitch contractors like https://mugapitch.co.uk/ to build a private court right in their very own backyard.

Both the city of Coral Springs and the city of Parkland have been busy creating more Pickleball courts because of resident demands. Coral Springs mayor Scott Brook says, “I LOVE pickleball! I especially enjoy the social aspect! I’ve met so many wonderful people at Cypress Park. Pickleball is great for the body, the mind, and for connecting! I’m so glad we have over 22 courts in the City and more to come.”

It appeals to both men and women of all age groups with 18-34 making up the largest percentage at almost 30%. 55-64 is 12%, and 65+ is 18%. The South Atlantic Region – which consists of six states and DC make up the largest number of total participants. As these courts see increased use, quality line marking solutions like the ones at markingcontractors.co.uk are essential for a smooth playing experience.

Because the size of a pickle ball court is much smaller than a tennis court and Padel Tennis Court, many families are opting to have their own built in their yard! Lonny tells us, “You need a minimum of 30’x60’ space. Many people opt to make it a multi muga court by using a portable net and adding a basketball hoop with lines. If you are an avid player and don’t want to wait for your local courts to have availability, this is a great option for the entire family to enjoy.“

Fun, sunshine, camaraderie… and LOVE; Pickle ball offers so much! A close personal friend recently met the love of his life… playing pickle ball! A sportsman and athlete, Steve Williams played a doubles match one day and an opposing player was the lovely Christianne London St. Philip. After an exciting round, Steve asked Christianne for her number so they could play again sometime… She turned him down cold, as she had no interest in turning her favorite outside activity into something more complicated.

A short time later, Steve and another partner went to a completely different Pickleball court, and who was there? This happened several times over the next few months, and the conversation got a little more personal. Realizing that they both share the same faith, had children from previous relationships, and held similar morals and values, Steve finally got on one knee 10 months later and she said yes! Guess where? On a pickle ball court!

So whether you’re in it to get in shape, make new friends, become a champion, or fall in love, Pickleball is the sport for you! To find out more about the game or having a court of your own installed, see Custom Pickleball Courts at www.custompickleballcourts.com

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