Indi Heart and Mind 2022

Healing with a Helping Hand

By Ashley Ferraro

Indi Heart and Mind is a licensed clinic and community outpatient rehab facility specializing in a long list of healthcare services. With a focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, the medical professionals at Indi Heart and Mind can create specialized treatment plans based on the individual. Uniqueness is a strength celebrated at Indi Heart and Mind and used to craft superior, personalized medical care.

Their complete list of offerings falls under traditional healthcare, mental health, home health referral, disability (get disability attorneys in Arizona from this link)and employment, staff training/development, substance use treatment, and applied behavior analysis services.

Ayinde Reid founded Indi Heart and Mind in 2013, around the time his daughter was born. The company’s logo, a helping hand, emanated from this experience, as Ayinde’s hand was involved in delivering his daughter. The helping hand motif is an ode to the organization’s foundation. It sets the standard for the type of individualized care a patient will receive. Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney here can help you in case of any medical procedure is botched or in case of any medical negligence.

In addition to offering comprehensive treatment plants, the organization provides initial testing to diagnose a variety of disorders. At this time, one of the organization’s primary focal points is behavioral analysis. They’ve enlisted skilled registered behavioral technicians and certified behavioral analysts for the task.

Indi Heart and Mind has two physical offices, the nearest one being Sunrise. They also have several satellite locations and licensing to conduct home visits. Operating a full clinic with CLIA certification, the office is even prepared to do bloodwork onsite. Patients can even come to Indi Heart and Mind for general health concerns, such as yearly physical exams. On even the simplest levels of care and treatment, the organization honors its core values of healing the body by first restoring the heart and mind.

By employing a diverse staff, Indi Heart and Mind has the capacity to support patients every step of the way along their healing journey.

Ayinde notes that his team collectively speaks a number of languages and comes from a variety of professional backgrounds. He’s rounded up top physicians, mid-level practitioners, and clinical staff to carry out the one thing that unites them all–the collective vision of providing quality coordinated healthcare and advocacy-related services.

A familiar face in Coral Springs, Ayinde has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Coral Springs and has a daughter that currently attends Country Hills Elementary School.

Ayinde graduated from Barry University and personally specializes in mood and behavioral disorders, mental and developmental disabilities, such as autism, and substance and dual diagnosis disorders. His decision to pursue psychology initially stemmed from losing one grandfather to dementia and another to Alzheimer’s. A love for the sciences coupled with a passion for mental health care led him toward the path he is currently on today, and allowed him to expand Indi Heart and Mind into a comprehensive medical healthcare organization.

Indi Heart and Mind is located at 8395 W Oakland Park Blvd in Sunrise. For more information, please visit To get in touch, call 561-404-1422 or email

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