Best PT Rehab 2022

Improving Your Quality of Life!

Do you or someone you know deal with a physical ability that is challenging or painful? Have you decided that this is just the way things are, and that nothing can change? Prepare for a pleasant surprise!

One of the latest businesses to bless Coral Springs is Fyzical, at 2234 North University Dr. Staffed by an incredible team of doctors and dedicated professionals, the facility is spacious, very clean, and a lot of fun. Patients are evaluated carefully, and then a doctor oversees their progress through a variety of exercises, activities, and interactions.

A healthcare specialty that seeks to treat individuals experiencing difficulty in functional mobility or pain, finding the right facility can help you recover safely, and create a decrease in overall healthcare costs. Dr.Kanathy Haney has her masters degree in exercise science and a PhD in public health. An athletic Director and fitness instructor for more than 10 years, she has been a professor of health for nine years. She tells us, “I’ve always believed in treating populations, communities, and helping people feel their best.” Her positive energy and encouraging demeanor are practically infectious!

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, Kanathy became a patient at another Fyzical location. Go Here to know how to claim compensation or you can also find traffic accident attorneys for hire after accident for the injuries sustained. “It really helped me, so I decided to open a clinic in Coral Springs.” She continues, “It wasn’t until I got injured that I saw the amazing benefits of physical therapy! Because of my background, I was able to put together and assemble an amazing administrative and clinical team so we could help our community.” The location boasts a unique piece of equipment called the Safety Overhead System… Almost like a zip line harness, there is a track mounted to the ceiling, and patients in the harness can go through a variety of exercises that solidify and promote balance while keeping the patient safe at all times.

Dorianne Minnelli recently started treatment at Fyzical. She says, “ I was at a different physical therapy facility for nine years on and off. Doctors could not figure out my ailment, but have now determined that it’s a rare form of ALS and has progressed.” When the facility felt that it could not help her any further, they recommended that she find a clinic that specialized in balance. The doctors at the University of Miami suggested Fyzical. “I am a new patient there, and so far things are going very well! They were very welcoming, and I look forward to time in the harness. I’d like to be able to stand up again, and take a few steps.”

“Whatever you are experiencing, we can help you!” Kanathy continues, “We want to improve your quality of life! Whether you’ve had an injury, experience pain, or are having trouble with balance, we can definitely help improve things. We pride ourselves on one-on-one care, communication with our patients, and facilitate their growth and progress even after treatment is complete. Every patient is given a treatment plan including exercises that they can do at home. We also provide medically-based personal training and nutrition.”

A former resident of Coral Springs and mother of two, Kanathy tells us, “We aim to see true progress in our patients… No one does physical therapy like us!”

Already accepting most insurances, Fyzical also has cash memberships for those who want or need to forgo the insurance game. Do you or someone in your family have a physical limitation or pain? Don’t assume that it isn’t going to change… Check out Fyzical, and find out what the future can bring!

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