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JP Miller & Sons – Services Shows What Family-Owned & Operated Really Looks Like

By Ashley Ferraro

JP Miller & Sons Services has served the Broward and Palm Beach communities for more than 45 years as South Florida’s leader in pest control, termite control, and lawn services. If, for example, you have any bird concerns, a pest-related company like Rapid Bird Proofing Auckland is your ally.

Originally founded by Joseph Miller, JP Miller & Sons Services is family-owned and operated. His two sons, John Miller and James Miller are both licensed and are proud to execute the company’s values and carry out the legacy.

This family business didn’t happen by accident. John believes that in addition to the high-quality services and stark attention to customer care, what truly sets their company apart is the fact that they’re family-oriented first. It’s one of their core values, and it’s why so many homeowners have put their trust in them. “We have customers whose kids are now our customers,” says John.

After being in the pest control business for many years with a license in the landscape division, the Millers saw a growing demand for high-quality synthetic turf. John adds, “We fertilize, treat for weeds, and treat for disease in lawn and on trees. We know there are areas, especially in backyards where grass doesn’t grow well.”

Eventually, Joseph and his sons decided to add synthetic turf installation to their list of services. The Millers turned to ForeverLawn first for its quality and second for its family-oriented business culture similar to their own. By becoming ForeverLawn dealers, they now provide durable, high-end artificial turf explicitly designed to suit various purposes, including K9 Grass, Playground Grass, DuPont Landscape Turf, Golf Greens, and SportsGrass. 

Unlike its competitors, ForeverLawn turf is engineered for longevity. That’s why they offer a 15-year product warranty on all their artificial grass. As a company built on integrity, quality, and innovation, their foremost concern is offering customers peace of mind knowing their investment is protected.

In addition to a superior product, customers are guaranteed a flawless installation by Joseph and his family. John goes on to detail the care put into the installation process, “We use rock—as much rock as necessary. Sometimes you’ll see people put turf right on top of dirt or use two inches of sand. What happens over time is the sand washes away. Upfront, it’s less money because it’s less work and material, but it’s not made to last for the long run.”

His father, Joseph, chimes in, “We don’t take shortcuts on installation.”

Another value the Miller’s see in ForeverLawn is their focus on safety. “ForeverLawn uses safer materials—we like that because we do that with our chemicals too. If I can use something less toxic than table salt, I will if it works.”

On the pest control side, JP Miller & Sons Services offers safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solutions. They have all pest control licenses, meaning customers don’t need to turn to different companies for different pests. By exercising integrity and honest practices, their mission is to protect customers, their homes, and their pets all year round.

To contact JP Miller & Sons Services, visit or call 954-421-6187.


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