Learning to Exceed Their Level

With more than nine years educating our local children, John Park and his wife, Soyoung, have been helping students at the Eye Level Coral Springs Learning Center. Using a supplemental educational program practiced worldwide today by more than 2.5 million students of all ages in 12 countries, John says, “We are called Eye Level because we believe education begins from children’s eye level learning, taught on their standard, gradually increasing and expanding their knowledge.”

The Eye Level program offers math and English with an approach to facilitate the student’s individual learning process. The philosophy encourages each student to acquire self-motivation, independence, and proactive learning methods by placing them at the center of all learning activities. Father to Anna, 14, and Lois, 7, John says, “I raised my kids to be future community leaders, so I focus more on academic level and helping each student to serve the community. This builds their confidence. Because they have more time outside of school, I focus on the younger kids to have a more clear perspective of their future. In high school, we use their extra time to get them ready for college.”

The students begin with a diagnostic test to determine their “starting point.” After that, each student starts their academic journey by following an individualized educational plan to build the skills necessary for higher levels of math and English. John says, “We believe an individual self-study program encourages students to work independently, instilling self-reliance and a sense of true achievement.”

Eye Level materials cover Preschool to Middle school levels with students attending the Learning Center twice a week supervised by a certified instructor. Students solve problems with the instructor’s guidance and will take home work to reinforce the skills learned at the Center. The Center’s High School program emphasizes SAT preparation in order for students to gain admission to some of the most prestigious colleges in the U.S. John humbly mentions that more than ten of his recent students have been accepted to Ivy League colleges, including some with scholarships.

Eye Level’s math method is now the world’s leading math program available today. Basic thinking develops problem solving and critical thinking enhances the analytical thinking ability in each student. “We strongly believe that our math method can help a child to increase self-confidence, strengthen concentration, improve study habits, develop critical and analytical thinking skills, and provide a self-feedback learning system,” John says. Eye Level English incorporates reading and writing skills into a comprehensive language program. For students beginning from ages 3 and up, the curriculum’s aspects of both phonics and whole language create a program that targets areas of potential difficulty before they arise. Younger students learn to recognize upper and lower case letters, break up words into beginning, middle and ending sounds, and develop phonemic and grammatical awareness. As students grow older, vocabulary, grammar concepts and reading comprehension are introduced to insure academic success.

Eye Level Coral Springs Learning Center sets new standards in supplemental education. “Our unique program is based on the principle that students learn at their own pace,” John tells us. “When a teacher understands the educational needs of a student, learning is most effective.”


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