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Founded in November of 1996, Continental Public Adjusters has helped thousands of Floridians navigate the property damage claims process. Continental Public Adjusters, Inc. has adjusters located throughout Florida, and are proud to serve the entire state, often settling claims.

Mike Rump is the Founder & President of Continental. His professional knowledge and confidence reflects his 39 years of experience.  He and his team have been successfully settling thousands of claims, and Mike sees their sole responsibility focused on clients receiving a maximum recovery for their property loss.

Mike says, “A public adjuster is a professional, licensed with the same credentials as an insurance adjuster. In my opinion, a public adjuster’s job is to document every part of the claim and back it up with experts, photos, research, and our extensive knowledge to make sure you receive the maximum settlement you are entitled to. With many insurance companies now, the claim becomes a real battle. We stand behind the claim, and we fight for it… we help document everything and present it in a way the Insurance Company can digest it.  By doing so, you recover more and typically the job is quicker. We take the time to do it right”

As our discussion continues, Dolly shares pertinent information. “If you hire a public adjuster, look at their license and make sure they have at least 10 years of experience under their belt. The state of Florida has been cracking down very hard on unlicensed public adjusters. It is called the ‘unlicensed practice of public adjusting.  Only policy holders, Public adjusters or Attorneys are allowed to present and negotiate claims legally.  Dolly warns that there are lots of scammers out there.  Be careful who you hire to present your claim.

After you call Continental, they will send a licensed public adjuster to your home or business, review your policy carefully, assess the evident damage, and put a plan together as to how best present the claim. Mike explains, “We use the tools available through your policy to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t sit on your claim for six months or more without paying the price.”

Mike informs us, “In a disaster situation, insurance companies send adjusters out and it’s really amplified. These adjusters are given hundreds of claims to look at, and are paid by the number of claims they settle; so they usually just make a small offer and hope that the policyholder is satisfied.” He goes on to say, “If you have a substantial claim, it’s worth your while to get somebody that’s done it thousands and thousands of times, and is motivated like we are!”

Continental charges 10% of the amount they are able to recover. Mike recounts a recent claim where the insurance company said that the amount due was less than the policy’s deductible. Mike and his team were able to settle the claim for $280,000.

If you’ve had any damage, or have questions about the process, call continental public adjusters today at 800-989-4769. Please visit

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