Brannen Family

Meet the Brannen Family

Popular all over Parkland and Coral Springs, the Brannen family has lived in Parkland for seven years and has made a huge, positive impact in our community!

Robert and Valeria (Val) are proud of the accomplishments of their eight children and two grandchildren! Camila Ochoa is 25, Sara Ochoa is 22, Sebastian Ochoa is 21, Valentina Holley is 14, Daniel Mayor is 30, Heather Brannen is 37, Troy Brannen is 29, and Tara Brannen is 26.

Robert is a Licensed Contractor with a focus on Outdoor Living.

Valeria has been a golf Instructor for over 15 years, has an amazing sporting résumé, and is also in charge of Business Development and Operations in their Outdoor Living Company as well as other ventures. She tells us, “We are enjoying life and work. We work only because we love the grind, but we are in a position to choose the amount and kind of grind we want, but work is in our blood.”

Sporting is in this family’s DNA, And Robert goes on to tell us, “All our kids are athletes both in high school and college. Their sports are: Football, Beach and Indoor Volleyball, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Rugby, Lacrosse. Our youngest at 14 is following in everyone’s footsteps playing travel softball with Parkland Power 14U.”

They got their talent from Mom and Dad for sure. In talking with Val, we learned that she and Robert are a formidable team. She says, “We are both Athletes and play too many sports to list. I’m a former professional golfer, and was on a reality show called Big Break, and was recently on the show Holy Moley. We play golf every week at Coral Springs Country Club.” And if that isn’t enough, she goes on to let us know that she and Robert are currently training to do a IRONMAN in Maine in July. She continues, “So we swim, bike and run all week. We are part of a group called Race Junkies that have approximately 160 Coral Springs and Parkland resident tri athletes. We train together in all 3 sports during the week for races and competitions.” The couple also plays in Parkland Adult softball & kickball leagues that are super fun.

Robert currently sits on several boards in Parkland and Broward County and is announced and running for Parklands District 4 commissioner.

Robert says, “We love Parkland’s small town feel, meaning the community is pretty tight. Coral Springs is a wonderful town the fills in the blanks for us in Parkland. Great folks, great restaurants, sports, etc… Too much to list, but couldn’t ask for a better area to live in.”

When it comes to the Fourth of July, the Brannens are looking forward to
Fireworks, Family reunions, concerts, barbecues, baseball games. “It’s a reminder of the value of freedom! It is a very special day that is close to our hearts with so much thanks to those that fought for our liberation,“ Val says gratefully. “A day to appreciate how lucky we are to be Americans. It exemplifies sacrifice, hard work and gratitude. Something we should appreciate and recognize every day. I love my Country and we fly the flag in front of our house proud!”

Robert and Val own Mr. & Mrs. Outdoor Living. Val says, “We only do makeover big projects for backyards. From Pools, pergolas/louvers, outdoor kitchens, decking/pavers/turf, etc.”

The Brannens attend services at Coastal Community Church.

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