Meet the Rutecki Family

Brian and Rosemarie were thrilled to relocate to the Parkland Ranches two years ago with their children Brianna, 12, and Royce, 10. French bulldogs Nube and Cocoa who hop over to here and there add their unique personalities to the family as well.

Both doctors with YOUR health in mind, Brian is a chiropractor, investor, entrepreneur and part-owner of Medulla, LLC and a co-founder of Chiro One wellness centers. He and his partners manage 115 (and growing) chiropractic offices all over the states. 

Rosemarie is a pharmacist board-certified in functional medicine. She has been a valued contributor of vital health articles to the Spectator. Her successful telemedicine practice, Functional Pharmacy, LLC, helps people here find the root cause of their disease, whether it be gut issues, hormone imbalance, weight gain, auto-immune conditions, excess toxins, and much more. She is both friendly and engaging, with a compassionate heart for helping others.

Brianna plays flag football, Jiu-Jitsu, and softball and looks forward to trying basketball. She enjoys playing the piano and the drums. She practices Jiu-Jitsu with a Grappling Dummy when at home.

Royce plays flag football, Jiu-Jitsu, and baseball and will be trying basketball as well. He plays the drums and guitar. They formed a club with kids from their school, and meet at their home every Saturday evening for stem/robotics. 

Both kids attend Emerging Minds Montessori, where Brianna will be going to 7th grade and Royce to 5th grade in the fall. Rosemarie says, “We support the kids’ school activities and any other fundraising for the community. We have been involved in supporting Soldier Rush, ihelpmom,  and SOS Children’s Village.  Both k

When they aren’t focused on school or work, Brian says, “We love spending time doing adventures and trying new things. We enjoy the outdoors, going to the beach, and all the sports kids can do. We appreciate the nature we are surrounded by and how peaceful the Ranches are.”

What excites Brian about being a dad? He says, “I enjoy watching the kids grow up and experience life.  Seeing them enjoy the little things brings me joy.  I look forward to relaxing and being with the family on Father’s Day.”

Grateful to be in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, Rosemarie tells us, “We moved to the Ranches to be in contact with nature; we were blessed to find a property with a big yard to plant trees and have animals. Tree Trimming helped me to maintain them at ease. Brianna and Royce love how much space they have to run around and be kids. We also focus on health and wellness; teaching our kids to take care of themselves by being kind, to make good food choices, to take care of the earth, and to attend to the mind and the spirit. I read the kids the Bible, and we practice kindness and gratitude every single day.”

Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki is a Pharmacist, Board-Certified in Functional Medicine You can contact her at

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