Meet the Silvestri Family

Don and Alissa are happy to be raising their family of four children in Coral Springs. Kade, 7, Savanna, 4, Stella, 18 months, and Amelia, 2 months, are happy, energetic, and enjoy a variety of activities with their family. The Silvestris also have a family dog, Bialey, notice the unusual pronunciation.

Don is a former NFL player now President of helping people get out of debt, and Alissa is a former Copy Editor/Proofreader, nutrition fitness expert, and now stay at home Mom.

Kade and Savanna are involved in sports, including golf, swimming and tennis, cooking, fishing, bike riding and even the littlest ones join them for lots of arts and crafts.

Alissa tells us, “Don is working out with the NFL retired players at Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete gym. 99 fireman carries a day plus multiple child curls and squats, followed by 39 flights of stairs master 10 times a day. Just kidding, or maybe not it might be twice that many.” Perhaps not as hardcore as her husband, Alissa loves to stay active and always joins in the walking, swimming, and bike riding activities with the family.

When they aren’t on the fields, at work, or in school, the family really enjoys cooking/barbecuing, swimming, going to concerts, trips to the beach, and picnics.

Kade attends Westchester and is in first grade. Savanna attends Wee Kids, and their little sisters are at home and do Mommy and Me classes and playdates.

When asked about their appreciation of Coral Springs, both Alissa and Don acknowledge that their favorite parts are the beautiful parks, the lifelong friendships they have made, and the amazing sunsets.

Alissa shares, “Don and I met through a charity event – and it’s something we both had in common growing up – being taught to always give back. Over the years We stay very involved in our community giving back and helping however we can. Don is a founding member of Parkland Cares,which provides funding for mental health services to the local communities and he is also a current board member of junior achievement and the NFL Retired players association. We are also foster parents and have been for the past 8 years. We have brought over a dozen children into our home. We believe in being hands on and have helped facilitate with reunifications as well as adopting.”

The Silvestris attend First Church on Sample Road in Coral Springs.

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