Aging Knees?

By Dr. Brandon C. Maisel

Knee osteoarthritis is a common pathology affecting millions of Americans. The cause of osteoarthritis is multifactorial. It may be genetics, mechanical wear and tear, increased inflammation, increased body mass or all the above. Dr. Maisel describes it as “you are born with brand new tread on your tires (knee cartilage) and as you put more miles on that tread, it wears down.” Regardless of the cause of knee osteoarthritis, it can be very painful. Currently, our office provides a wide variety of treatment options to tackle the problem. Muscle weakness, more specifically quadriceps weakness may result from osteoarthritis. Formal physical therapy offered here at Gelb Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center is the first step to pain reduction. Subsequently, the patient will develop a home exercise program to maintain their strength. In conjunction with therapy, prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and injections will be offered. We provide corticosteroid (cortisone), viscosupplementation and platelet rich plasma injections. All injections may be performed under ultra-sound guidance to ensure accurate placement. Cortisone injections will offer more immediate relief within 3-5 days post injection. If the above measures fail, we will progress to viscosupplementation otherwise known as “gel” injections. Viscosupplementation injections main component is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will increase the lubrication and shock absorption within the knee joint. Lastly, regenerative medication is becoming a leading form of treatment for musculoskeletal ailments. Platelet rich plasma is derived from your own blood, concentrated in a syringe and injected into the knee joint. Platelet rich plasma or PRP can offer cartilage protection and reduction in inflammatory markers. Dr. Maisel will work with you at every stage to ultimately obtain pain relief from osteoarthritis! class treatment for a variety of South Florida patients – including University of Miami Hurricanes athletes.

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