Remember to Celebrate!

Whether an intimate first date, or reception for 300 guests, celebrations at Deja Blue restaurant make you part of their unique family.

“Life should be celebrated every day, “says Sabrina Cozzolino, a principal partner. She and her husband Marco, together with their long time friend Ignazio Pediconi, came up with the beautiful concept of Deja Blue six years ago, and its popularity has grown exponentially. The three partners are from Italy, and France, lived in different countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, and between them, they speak more than five languages because of their love of food and travel. “There is meaning to our name,“ Sabrina tells us. “We wanted our guest to travel back in memory lane through the flavors and decor of our restaurant Whether it was to remember a family recipe from past generation or a trip to the French Riviera,The Amalfi coast, Spain, The Greek Island, North Africa, or Middle East ,we all have experienced a “Deja vu.” We played with the words by changing to ” blue “ to pay tribute to the stunning color of the Mediterranean Sea.

The restaurant’s welcoming and elegant atmosphere draws guests to the expansive, remarkable indoor/outside bar, the breathtaking outdoor view of the lake and lighted fountain, and the warmth of the staff, who are each part of the Déjà Blue family.

When putting together any size event, you will be meeting with one of the principals to discuss your vision, highlights during the event, and Sabrina is sure to throw in her expertise at making things more special than expected! “We make sure to enhance and exceed their expectations, “ Sabrina tells us. “When we help with your special occasion, we take the stress out of every event 100%.“ She cites a recent proposal, where they arranged the plane to pull a banner, flying over Parkland and the lake behind the restaurant… And the excited crowd in attendance was ecstatic when SHE SAID YES! Sabrina continues, “Some people come to us with a simple idea… A blank canvas, if you will. We think of this event as a piece of art, and we make it a master piece. With regard to the proposal, we added rose petals, a champagne toast, and we set up a special area on the deck specifically for the couple and their friends. ”

Regardless of the amenities, family of servers and staff, and welcoming atmosphere, Deja Blue has become so popular because of their unique and delicious menu! With choices for every palate, and many dishes meeting special dietary restrictions, it’s no wonder! Their website states,“Our cuisine is fresh. Our recipes have all been passed down by our family members, and our cuisine is based on healthy products, a balanced diet and we try to use as much as local produce as possible.” Sabrina went on to tell me that they use many local vendors, including their pastry chef, florist, and other local businesses to deliver the best quality for patrons.

Always intrigued by a cause, recently the restaurant hosted a fabulously fun casino night to raise funds for one of their bartenders, William Knoll, who is suffering from stage four cancer. Regular patrons and fans of “Bill“ showed up to show their support, encourage him, and assist with his healing journey.

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