Meet the Sugrim Family

Settled in Parkland for 10 years now, Rennard and Zenobia are thrilled to be raising their four children in such a beautiful place. “From the Carnival, Food Truck meets, Halloween, Farmer’s Market and other activities that are put up by the city; There’s always something to look froward to,” Zenobia shares. She and Rennard’s three sons and one daughter are Tristyn, 11, Dylan, 9, Ayden, 6, and Athena, 4. A toy poodle, Zeus, completes the family.

The Sugrims own and operate Prestige Autowerks in Coral Springs. Rennard is following in his father’s footsteps doing diagnostics together with complete auto repair and maintenance, which are located at Lynchburg Tire Shop for Tiles in Lynchburg. Zenobia was a certified compounding pharmacy technician with a stellar career until the couple decided to start their family. She says, “Currently, I am a full-time mother to 4, with a very busy schedule!”

Athena is in VPK at Seton Ridge Children Learning Center.  Ayden is in Kindergarten and Dylan is in 4th grade at Heron Heights. Tristyn is in 6th grade at West Glades Middle School.

Tristyn, Dylan and Ayden all play flag football and basketball on Parkland teams.  Dylan, Ayden and Athena play soccer.  Ayden plays coach pitch baseball; Dylan plays travel baseball for the Florida Pokers and Tristyn plays travel baseball for the South Florida Anglers. Rennard enjoys volunteering his time being an assistant coach for the boys Rec baseball teams. Zenobia volunteers at Heron Heights for Kindergarten and 4th grade with an art program called Meet the Masters.  Rennard says, “We are always supportive of community events.” Together, the Sugrims have contributed, participated and volunteered in the Annual Rizzo Family Walk, Gina Montalto Memorial Egg My Lawn, Lift Up For Women, and donate to a non profit organization in Guyana known as SaveAbee, an  organization that educates and cares for orphan children and families in need. 

Rennard was born in Toronto, Canada and is of Guyanese heritage. Zenobia was born in The Fiji Islands of Polynesian and Egyptian heritage. Both met in Toronto, got married and started their family in Florida 13 years ago.  Zenobia, who is very engaging and friendly, tells us, “Our family is a unique and dynamic mix of different cultures that we embrace and enjoy.  Rennard and I always wanted a big family and we are blessed to have one.”

Looking forward to her special day, Zenobia says, “What I enjoy the most about being a mom is that I am able to be home with my children and be hands on with them in their growth! I love watching them progress and achieve their goals in all that life has to offer them.  On Mother’s Day I look forward to their school Mother’s day crafts and homemade cards.”

When time allows, Rennard says, “We enjoy traveling together, site seeing, going on adventures, fishing and snorkeling on our vacations.  We love to have family movie nights, attend baseball games, and we love to have hibachi dinners.”

The Sugrims attend St Andrew’s Catholic Church in Coral Springs

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