Parkland Flag Football

Parkland Flag Is Back!

The kids need something to look forward to and we are ready for them.

We are optimistic and plan on having a league. We will keep everyone posted throughout the summer on details as they develop.

For right now, please go to to sign up. We are running a discount through June so get on it. Because the demand has been incredibly high in the past the absolute LAST day to sign up is August 10th. If the season is canceled before it starts, there will be full refunds.

We would love to have every child from Kindergarten through High School sign up. If you are living outside of Parkland, your kids are certainly welcome to play. The city does charge an additional fee that you can take care of during registration on the site. The cost does include the uniform.

Every child will either be placed (Kindergarten) or drafted onto a team. This includes the High School league. High School is our area of largest growth potential. Spread the word to every boy that will be in 9th-12th grade that we have a league for them. Get off the couch, see their friends, blow off some steam from school and run with some talented kids. We had a high level of athletic ability on the field last year.

Our Kindergarten league is also growing heavily. Tell every family that has a boy or girl going into Kindergarten to give it a go. They will love it for years. This is where it all begins.

At this time, we are planning to have evaluations starting August 17th at Pine Trails Park. Details to follow.

Want to get involved? We would love to have you. Coaches for every age group are needed. You will look back on the pictures and video from your season and be glad you stepped up. Your kids will love having their parent coach. We will make sure you have help in case you have to miss a game or practice. Just ask anyone who has coached in the past. The season will begin on September 1st and run through November 7th.

For those of you who are first-timers, please know that kids from all levels of ability and experience play. Everyone has the first year. Take the plunge and sign them up. All the coaches understand that some kids will need more explanation than others.The other players are welcoming and help out as well. That is what makes it great; Watching a child learn the game and become a contributor to the team. Building their confidence so they want to play again next year.

If you want to learn more about the game, please go to the website. Click on Resources and there is a tab to read the rules.

With all that is going on, we may have to modify the league in some way. The safety of the kids, their families, and referees is paramount.

Feel free to ask any questions. Our email is [email protected].

Get your cleats. Get your mouthpiece. Stop by the field and see the new turf. The city took care of us and the kids will benefit from it.

We are looking forward to a great season of bringing the kids together to do what they do best. Have fun.

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