Parkland’s P-Rec 2018!

Pine Trails Park adorns the heart of the City of Parkland and is one of Broward County’s premier parks. At its heart is the Parkland Recreation and Enrichment Center known simply as the P-REC. This facility is more than 24,000 square feet of air-conditioned fun, fitness, excitement, health, wellness, and variety.

A full-court basketball gymnasium with ample sideline area, bleachers, and a stage is not only a cool spot for basketball, but also accommodates many activities that are part of the City of Parkland camps. A dance room with bannister and mirrors, multi-purpose rooms that accommodate a variety of classes for everyone, and a high-end fitness facility outfitted and operated by personal training firm Athletic Republic.

If you are an elite athlete, want to be one, or are simply an ordinary fitness buff who wants to work on a few things, you really should check out Athletic Republic. Their tag line is, “unlevel the playing the field” and do they ever. If you see professional athletes in the P-REC, it’s a good bet it is their off season and they are there to work with Athletic Republic to stay sharp and improve skills. In one instance Athletic Republic worked with a catcher for a major league baseball team in the off season. The task: Decrease the time for catch-and-release to throw out a runner stealing. Utilizing strength building, increasing flexibility, and improving body mechanics, the end result was a better capability of throwing out opponents trying to steal a base. If Athletic Republic can work for the major leagues, they can work for you.

The P-REC has 10 different programs for Toddlers—many of which have multiple class time offerings to make things as convenient as possible for parents. There are 20 youth programs including cartoon drawing, cooking, soccer, Zumba, volleyball, ju-jitsu, drums alive, basketball training, and engineering for kids. Whatever your child’s interest, it will be peaked at the P-REC.

And what about dance? How about 15 different dance programs all under one roof? Our dance programs are not only comprehensive, they are coordinated. So while we offer ballet, tap, and jazz, we also offer a combination class that pulls together all three disciplines.

Our programs for teens include traditional classes such as athletic training, ju-jitsu, and volleyball, but we also boast many classes you may not think of for a recreational center. Women’s self-defense, fencing, and jewelry making. While you may not think of these types of programs in a rec. center, the P-REC is no ordinary place. And, remember, it’s the Parkland Recreation AND Enrichment Center. So adult classes like the Socrates café are right at home, but so are Zumba classes, yoga, pilates, pickleball, senior trips, total body workouts, core workouts, body sculpting, piloxing, and others.

If the P-REC doesn’t have it, you probably don’t want it.
How do you get in on the fun and excitement? Walk into the P-REC so we can help you, pick up the Parkland Playbook—a program guide that lists all the programs the P-REC offers—give us a call at (954) 757-4105, or visit our website at Whether you live in Parkland, neighboring Corals Springs, Coconut Creek, or Boca Raton, or if you are visiting from elsewhere—everyone is welcome at the P-REC, where fun stuff happens.

Parkland P-Rec 10559 Trails End, located inside Pine Trails Park

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