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By James Madera

Soccer has remained one of the most top tier sports around. Popular in more than 200 countries, about 250 million people play soccer across the globe every year. It became an Olympic sport in 1990.

Interested in the Parkland Soccer program? We’ve got you covered.

The Parkland Soccer club currently has registration open for new and returning players. Players need to sign up by August 31st to avoid late fees. Evaluations for new and returning players will take place on September 15th, and the season will kick off on November 9th. The youth leagues will automatically assign players to a team if they fail to sign up by August 31st.

Sign ups for travel teams will also be available and will branch out a bit farther, regarding location of game play. The recreational teams will host all of the games at Pine Trails Park, where all practices are also held. There are an estimated 12 games in a recreational season.

The oldest division for the program is for the Under 18 group for both boys and girls. The youngest division is for 4 year olds, any group Under 7 years olds includes an option for a co-ed division.

The parkland Soccer program has about 1,400 kids in their recreational league, and 400 more in their travel league.

Doug Cole, the current sitting President of the Parkland Soccer Program, has had the privilege of being a part of it for 32 years, while having more years of coaching experience before that. . Doug’s kids grew up playing soccer in this league, and he is always looking for any enthusiastic volunteers to coach and encourage the different teams. The involvement in the organization is something that Doug takes great pride in. He happily welcomes the multitudes of new and returning players every year. He says, “My 22-year-old son is currently a referee, and we are always actively looking for sponsors and referees.”

For more information, please call 954-410-5172.

You can also visit For additional information regarding team schedules, registration, and more, the website also includes miscellaneous information including FAQS, in-depth analyses of the club itself, the types of programs offered, and availability for potential sponsorships.

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