Sell South Florida: A New Approach to Realty

Spearheaded by a team of highly engaged leaders, Blue Realty’s Sell South Florida Team brings unique care, resources, and expertise to the Broward market . The team consists of Ashley Baillio, Laurin McDermott, Tanya Murcia, Noel Figueroa, and Stephan Bronson. All reside in Parkland and Coral Springs, respectively, and are driven to support their community in professional and personal efforts. With shared values, but diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the Sell South Florida Team consistently delivers results by cultivating relationships and, of course, selling homes!

The Sell South Florida Team takes a unique approach to Real Estate. Although clients may work closely with one realtor, the Sell South Florida team works collectively to ensure every promise is delivered upon with skill. Clients find comfort in knowing all hands are on deck when finding a buyer for their home or tracking down their dream home.

Sell South Florida operates at Blue Realty, the Coral Springs Real Estate Brokerage of which Ashley Baillio recently took an ownership interest. Blue Realty’s shared value of collaboration supports the Sell South Florida team’s holistic approach to Real Estate and all 60 Blue agents are included in weekly meetings to network on their clients’ behalf. This team-oriented concept is relatively simple but not always common in real estate brokerages–more individuals working together yield quicker and better results for clients.

Sell South Florida Team’s approach is also distinctively hands-on throughout every step of the process. For example, the team keeps staging inventory on hand to eliminate additional costs for sellers. They also allocate a budget to repairs for each home since this model results in faster sales at more favorable prices. Plus, with a trusted repertoire of general contractors, landscapers, handymen, and other experts on contract, Sell South Florida Team ensures every home exceeds market-ready standards before it’s listed.

“If there’s an opportunity for our clients to make more money on sale or protect their new investment, we are going to make all our resources available for them,” says Ashley Baillio, Blue Realty Owner and Sell South Florida Team founder.

Every home Sell South Florida puts on the market is an investment. Not only is the team investing their time and resources on behalf of their client, but each listing is an investment back into their own community. Much of Sell South Florida’s business results from referrals–it’s no coincidence that their team will often sell entire rows of homes once listed in a neighborhood. People witness consistency and commitment firsthand, then desire the same care when it’s time to sell their own home.

Selling your home might be one of the biggest decisions you make in your lifetime. When you choose a Real Estate Agent to guide you through the process, you’re entrusting them with a key asset. Properties are unique in that they are also tied to many milestones and emotions, so it should never be reduced to just a dollar sign on paper. The Sell South Florida Team will see your home or future home for its highest potential and work with you to bring that vision to fruition.

The Sell South Florida Team and Blue Realty are building a team of innovators, creatives, and highly networked individuals to serve our South Florida community. Join the team, sell your home, or find your next home by visiting Contact the team directly at 561-609-2391 or

Ashley Baillio - Blue Realty

The Sell South Florida Team - Blue Realty

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