Dr. Brandon Maisel, D.O

Shoulder Pain Keeping you off the Court?

By Dr. Brandon C. Maisel

Whether you are an avid athlete, retiree, or a weekend warrior you may have been affected by shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is a very common complaint being seen in Orthopaedic offices across the country. Here at Gelb Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic center we aim to correctly diagnose the source of the pain, develop an appropriate treatment plan, and get you back to performing your favorite sporting activities.

“Why is my shoulder hurting” is usually the first question patients tend to ask. The shoulder is a mobile ball and socket joint surrounded by the rotator cuff muscles. When you come to our office, we will begin with x-ray imaging that allows us to gather more information about the shoulder joint. We can see if you are suffering from degenerative changes about the glenohumeral space, acromioclavicular joint or changes along the surface of the bone which can indicate rotator cuff pathology. Next, a thorough physical examination will be performed by either of our physicians Dr. Brandon Maisel or Dr. Howard Gelb. This examination allows us to further make our diagnosis. A common problem we see is rotator cuff tendonitis and subacromial bursitis. In other words, irritation to the rotator cuff muscles from overuse.

“What can we do about it?” is the next question we get and depending on the condition we have several treatment options we may offer. In general treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections and platelet rich plasma injections. Platelet rich plasma otherwise known as “PRP” is a type of orthobiologic treatment that allows the body to naturally heal itself. These injections are performed by Dr. Maisel under ultrasound guidance to ensure precision needle placement into the problem area. As well, here in our office we offer top-notch physical therapy services led by Dr. Jay Itzkowitz, who may assist in your recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes your injury may require further intervention. If that is the case, we proceed with magnetic resonance imaging “MRI” to obtain a three-dimensional image of the shoulder joint, muscles, and soft tissues. If a muscle injury has occurred requiring surgical intervention, Dr. Howard Gelb is a renowned Orthopaedic Sports surgeon who may repair your shoulder.

Overall, Gelb Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic center is a one-stop shop to diagnose, treat, and heal your shoulder pain. Make an appointment today for your shoulder issues!


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