The Garcias

Craig and Danielle are proud of their boys Billy, 15, and Nicholas, 13. Together
with their bearded dragon, Norbert, this happy family of five has been proud to call Coral Springs home for 18 years.

Craig is the president of a South Florida mortgage company and, Danielle, a former optometrist, is now a full-time homemaker and devoted mom to their boys. Craig is part of the Coral Springs/ Parkland Express Cycling Club and a very involved coach with the Parkland Buddies program. For three years, he has also assisted volunteers to help players of all abilities have fun while learning a sport.

Billy attends the 10th grade at Westminster Academy where STEM and robotics are his favorite subjects. He is an active member of the school’s cross country team and part of their very first robotics team. He is also involved in youth group and summer missions trips. When not participating in school functions, Billy is an active volunteer with Parkland Buddy sports, where he has been encouraging and assisting others since middle school.

Nicholas is in the 6th grade at Center Academy Prep, where math is his favorite subject. An involved teammate in Parkland Buddy sports since the age of four, Nicholas plays football, soccer, basketball and tennis. He really enjoys watching professional and college football and, in his time off the field and out of school, attends a social group and ABA therapy.

When this fun, active family has time to get away on vacation, Danielle says they love going to theme parks and visiting national parks. Some of their most memorable times have been in the Grand Canyon, at Zion National Park, and in the Rocky Mountains hiking and skiing. They also cherish the opportunity to spend time with local family and relatives.

Friendly and engaging, Danielle tells us, “What we enjoy most about living in this area is the sense of community, the convenience and the farmers markets. The parks here in Coral Springs are great! Nicholas loves to go to a different one every weekend.”

The Garcia family attends services at Saint Andrew Catholic Church, where Craig and Danielle were married in 2000.

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