The Haggett Family

Bill and Destiny Haggett are thrilled to share life with their five children, Chansen 19, Graham, 18, Hudson, 15, Colton 14, and Carson, 10. This active Coral Springs family has a whole lot going on!

Happy to have found their “village“ and new friendships, the Haggetts relocated four years ago when Bill became the General Manager of the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. He manages the venue’s 1500 seat theater, banquet, meeting rooms, and the Level 3 VIP lounge. He is responsible for programming the acts and events while also overseeing the operation of Next Stop Broadway, the premier theater camp in the State of Florida. Grateful for his position, Bill tells us, ““Moving to Coral Springs has allowed me to do what I really love and watch the positive effect that my efforts are having on the community. Not many jobs allow the kind of instant gratification that mine does.” Having worked with many of the industry’s top entertainers, Bill feels that a notable pinnacle in his career was producing BB King’s 80th Birthday Celebration for a sold out crowd of 10,000 people in Biloxi Mississippi.

Destiny, a former model and event manager is currently the Theater Manager for the WCC Center for the Performing Arts at Wynmoor Village in Coconut Creek. She feels that the most rewarding part of her position is bringing happiness and joy to her community.

Chansen graduated Coral Glades High School last year and is currently enrolled at UCF where he is studying History. He has an affinity for all things culinary. Also a fighter and survivor, he has battled Leukemia twice.

Colton is involved in JROTC at Pompano Beach High School and enjoys fishing, golf, and basketball. His favorite subject is Chinese. Bill says, “Colton is our outdoorsman, survivalist and has a warm heart. He is the first to jump in and volunteer for good causes.”

Carson is taking the stage by storm, and has immersed himself in the Next Stop Broadway program. He especially enjoys participating in the four annual productions that NSB produces but also studying acting, singing and dance. Dad says, “Hip Hop is his jam! Although you will always find a Pokemon card in his pocket.” He attends Parkside elementary where science is his favorite subject.

Graham loves engineering and cars and is studying to become a mechanical engineer and perfect his welding skills so that he can offer professional welding services.

Hudson has an eye and artistic talent for capturing people, places, and things. During her downtime, she can be found drawing in her journal, and she hopes to pursue a career in fashion design. During the summers she works behind the scenes in the NSB Art Department. Bill says, “Shattering typical artistic stereotypes, Hudson is our math whiz.”

Destiny has a group of local friends who attack charity work with a passion, and are heavily involved in Hope South Florida and SOS Villages. Bill smiles and says, “We enjoy doing what we can do to give back to the community that has so warmly embraced us. Because of our history, we are huge advocates of pediatric oncology research funding.” Bill has also been working with a group of local students who formed S.U.N. the Students United Network. This group works diligently to help charities in the community.

“With our busy schedules we make it a point to share a family dinner at the table every available night,” Bill tells us. “This generated a closeness and interaction that is irreplaceable. In our leisure time, we squeeze in the beach, pool and golf and often retreat to Universal Studios for short, exciting mini vacations.”

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