We all Need Something to Look Forward to

By Shellie Miller-Farrugia

Somewhere in the space between the ecstatic joy of the moment when my first son smiled on purpose and my fourth child starting the tedium of spelling tests and orthodonture, I lost my momentum. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not depressed or ungrateful for all of our family’s blessings. I’ve lost my usual zeal. The excitement of loading the cooler with snacks for the football team has lost its appeal after so many years. A trip to the beach isn’t nearly as exciting as the times when I’d drag the pack-n-play, an umbrella, a quart of sunscreen, 8 diapers and two toddlers through the hot sand to claim a spot where the three of us would get sticky, wet and tired. The competitive spirit I’d honed diligently and successfully in arenas on the APHA World Circuit became dull, so I brought my horse home and hung up my spurs. I’d become the person I never intended to be….no more sugary treats at the bottom of my purse, no nerf guns, baseball mitts and folding chairs in the back of my SUV, and no dirt on my boots. Somewhere in the process of life, I’d lost sight of the fun.

My momentum returned without a warning a few months ago. I know exactly the key that opened the door for its return. It was hidden in a drawer labeled “vacation” that I hadn’t opened in some time. And this may sound strange, but it wasn’t the vacation that got my mojo back….it was KNOWING there was a vacation coming that got me excited again! As soon as I made the reservations, my life turned 180 degrees. There were things to do, similar to a bride planning a wedding and looking for a wedding photographer. Arrangements had to be made for the kids, the pets, the barn, and many other things. There were deadlines to meet, necessities to buy, and meals to plan. Each of the tasks that needed to be accomplished was somehow appealing. Arranging carpools was never this exciting during the school year, but if it had to be done to gain four days of freedom, the payoff was huge!

Scott and I had a terrific time on our short trip one county away, and now that our getaway has come and gone, we think that everyone should keep something on the horizon to anticipate. A date at a sentimental place, a family reunion, a new baby, a concert, a party, a marathon, a home-improvement project, a cruise, a college course….what is it for you? For those doing a home improvement, consider cork floor boards Perth. If your daily view doesn’t get your motor running like it used to, change your perspective by looking forward to something that will.

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