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Why Hire a Business Coach?

By Michael Dill, Business Coach

Warren Buffett is considered one of the greatest investors of all time and is ranked among the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth north of One Hundred Billion Dollars. When he makes recommendations, people listen.

Someone once asked him what is his greatest investment of all time? His answer was, “It’s you. Invest as much as you can in yourself, you are your own biggest asset by far.” You simply will never get a better return than when you invest in yourself.

What’s the best way of investing in yourself?

Simple, get a Coach. 

Many athletes, professionals, CEO’s, executives, and business owners strive to be their best. They want to make the commitment to do the necessary work to become their best. They only accomplish this by investing in themselves. They spend time and money on learning, as well as personal and professional improvement. They understand to stay competitive; they must consistently grow, adapt, and stretch beyond their comfort zone.

Investing in a Coach is the best way to make this commitment in yourself. Understanding that the effort and accountability will pay off in being the best possible version of yourself.

A Coach will provide the authenticity and accountability to be there for you no matter what. To say, what needs to be said to get you where you need to be. With a coach, you’ll always have the opportunity to vent with someone you can trust and confide in. It’s with your coach where you’ll get all your stuff out, get clear, and get back on your A game. A coach will be there to lift you up when needed to provide the confidence in yourself when maybe you don’t have it.

A Coach is a person that will challenge you to look in the mirror, to recognize and address your blind spots to see how you can make yourself better. As you become open to getting clearer, learning, adapting, and making the shifts to address these blind spots – you will simply grow, move forward, and achieve better results. You’ll also acquire a newfound confidence of accomplishing more than you would have done on your own.

Having a coach will get you extremely intentional on where to invest your time, energy, and money! A coach will stretch and challenge you to break-through your indecisiveness, overcaution, or procrastination, that may be robbing you of the ability to take action. A Coach will get you very clear of your vital functions, the one or two things that truly move you toward your ultimate goal. You will find that laser-focused on what’s most important and make it easy to say no to everything else. This newfound intentionalism will deliver the greatest return of investment of your time, energy and money.

Having a Coach will give you the ability to be more calm, clear, firm, and consistent in your interactions. You will learn to bring more of the right energy and presence in your conversations to create win/win outcomes.

A Coach will become your ultimate mastermind, as it’s the best example of two individuals driving you towards the identical outcome of excellence and self-improvement. A Coach will challenge you to take 100% ownership and accountability in everything you do and receive both good and bad. It’s this type of accountability that truly ignites our true growth.

To achieve true success, understand that none of us can do it alone. Knowing there’s somebody in your corner that has your back, provides you a feeling of support and confidence. You’ll receive the systems, strategies, structure, and solutions to create an organization that works for you. Your Coach will guide you on the clarity of your Vision, Mission, and Culture to align your team and customers with your company. Your Coach will keep you level and on your A game to keep you striving forward to be your best.

With the right Coach, you will learn to take complete control of your destiny. You will own it and create a future based on your plan opposed to what’s going on outside the four walls of your business. Most importantly, you’ll own a new sense of freedom, confidence, gratitude, and abundance that will impact you and everyone else around you, day in and day out.

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