Forward Momentum

Forward Momentum

By Ashley K. McCardia

The past is like glue, it tends to latch on and live with us throughout our lives. This is the time of year when many of us hope to scrape the glue off and start clean. The idea is as old as time, and while the intention behind wanting a clean slate isn’t malicious; it is much easier said than done.

When our life veers sideways, it’s usually easier to unpack and live in that moment day after day instead of pushing past our emotions and finding a way to move forward. What if we chose, instead, to use it as fuel for a more joyful life? When we let the past go and look toward the future, we set ourselves up for a happier, lighter life. I recently found a quote by Mary Englebreit that said,

“Don’t look back; you’re not going that way.”

I think she was onto something. It motivated me to stop hoping for the best and start being deliberate with my choices, my words, and my actions. That is what will create the best possible outcome for this new year and that is what will make us better as people.

As humans, our past is what forms us into who we are. Our childhood, upbringing and life-altering events all mold us in some way. Unfortunately, this includes our past failures or the bad things that have happened to us, much like the tragedy our community suffered last February. It is part of our nature to hold on tight to things and never let go. However, being human also means that we are blessed with free will and can choose our intentions with each new day. Our souls are not tied to the stars like marionettes waiting to be directed and, with a little gumption, any day of the year can be a new beginning.

While it is healthy to have goals and hopes, please join me in making a bucket list instead. Figure out what it is that you want out of your next 12 months and take small steps every day to make it happen. Instead of holding onto blind hope that this will be “the year” in business or in our personal lives, let’s wake each morning putting yesterday away and choosing intention and gratitude for another chance to do things right. Each day is a new slate and new opportunity to grow.

I think we will all find that our baggage is much less heavy when we choose to put it away where it belongs and no longer let it define us. 2018 will go down as one for the books for certain, but we are blessed with the opportunity to turn the page and make this year the one where we take control, put our past to rest, and decide to really start living the way we were intended to. No strings, no burdens, … just a grateful heart and a clear mind.