Parkland Soccer… Let’s Get the Ball Rollin’

Parkland Soccer… Let’s Get the Ball Rollin’

Given all of the unrest in the world recently, Parkland Soccer Club still has its eyes on the prize….. to give area youths a safe environment in which to participate in one of the most popular sports across the globe.

As the organization’s registrar since pretty much its inception more than three decades ago, Pete Gado is doing all he can to ensure that this well-oiled-machine can runs smoothly once again. However, the ‘virus’ has taken a toll on the league, and delayed its start of registration, which is usually in late June. According to Pete, there is still plenty of time for players to sign up so they can do what they simply love. Pete says, “Just to have some fun out there” is highly important, especially now more than ever, as “many kids have been just sitting around for the past few months.” With the hard-working league and Pete doing all that is possible for the players, the season outlook seems to be a positive one.

“Even though we were nearly a month late starting on our registration (due to local government mandates), we still have several hundred players signed up already,” says Pete, who is optimistic about getting to last year’s participation of about 1,300 players. “At this point, I’m very hopeful that we’ll get close to the same amount as last year.”

Assuming the league’s season goes as scheduled, registration will remain open for several more weeks, followed by player evaluations beginning in September, then pre-season practices in October, with the regular season games starting up in mid November. The season is estimated to conclude in March. And as it is a recreational program, all of those who register will be assigned/drafted to a team.

The recreational side of the Parkland Soccer Club welcomes both boys and girls from ages U5 up to U17. Starting at the youngest groups, there is a coed program for ages U5, U6, and U7, then an option for only-boys and only-girls division for ages U5, U6, U7, U9, U11, U13 and U17. However, the formatting of the older divisions may be altered once the final registration numbers are compiled.

Regardless of age or gender, games are generally scheduled to be played at Pine Trails Park and, according to Pete, all participants will be assured nothing short of another great season of Parkland Soccer.

“We’re going to still have a fun season because that’s what we’re all here to do,” adds Pete. “We’re here (again) to educate the kids on how to play a better game of soccer while having a good time.”

When the players do take to the field, the league will adhere to safety protocols that will have been set forth by the local authorities. Those exact details are still yet to be determined.

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