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It’s Not A Burden

At some point in our adult lives, life seems to get into a rhythm that we follow, navigating situations based on life experience, instinct, and advice from trusted friends and relatives. One thing that many of us deal with, and are often caught unaware about, is the need to help our aging parents deal with unexpected and life altering health changes.

Results are often overwhelming, sometimes comical, and bring everyone involved to a place of reassessment, frustration and, often times, mutual understanding.

Emmy nominated director Michelle Boyaner, together with a team including local producer Wendy Zipes Hunter, put together this heartwarming film that chronicles the challenges and joys of a variety of adult children who have made life-changing accommodations to care for their aging parents. An original score composed by Joanna Katcher sets the tone in this poignant and compassionate film.

Michelle tells us, “When I began living this journey with my parents, I found that many friends were going through the same experience and felt that I could help shine a light on the subject by sharing these stories in the form of a documentary.“ Part of the backstory with Michelle and her mother (who had left the family when Michelle was younger) comes to light. “While filming, I discovered circumstances and was given more background regarding the choices she made. It was very enlightening!“

One particular family stands out as it represents a “sandwich generation“ situation. Michelle tells us, “Mike is raising his twin teenagers, and he moved to the house next-door to his Mom to be close when she needed him. He found, in return, many times she was able to provide extra support he needed for his kids; Grandma helping with homework, family dinners, etc. The film is filled with stories of giving back and mutual respect and the lessons learned along the way.”

It’s Not A Burden is an intimate, humorous, and heartfelt journey into the stories of adult children navigating the challenges and joys of caring for their aging parents. As well as the story of Michelle‘s journey with her two parents, the film also provides a glimpse into the lives of several other families, each with their own diverse backgrounds, unique challenges, and personalities. While chronicling frustrations and fears, the film also shows transformative bonds that happen when familial roles are reversed, friends support friends, and communities come together.

Sure to bring a host of emotions, It’s Not A Burden is a wonderful, yet somewhat sobering, glimpse into the future. Michelle boldly states, “They took care of us when we needed them and now it is our turn to do the same for them.“

Distributed by Gravitas Ventures,
It’s Not A Burden is available now.
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