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Are you a homeowner who wants more control over your energy while seriously reducing your power bill?

There is a reason why Florida is dubbed the “Sunshine State.” With so many sunny days each year, it only makes sense to take advantage of the beautiful sun! With net metering, you can earn credits for extra power you don’t use during the month. Imagine your utility company paying you, instead of you paying them!

Solar incentives in Florida*

Florida’s net metering programs mean that residential solar homeowners earn credits from participating utility companies, which you can find more here  for kilowatt-hours of electricity they supply to the grid. These credits build up over the course of 12 months, eventually resulting in direct payments from the utilities. Florida also offers a property tax exemption, (hence you can also avail the Toronto handyman services to get your home improvement services done) which prevents you from paying property taxes on the added home value from your solar system. You can check out Mouritz solar if you planning to install solar for your home and get quality services from experienced solar specialists.  The sales tax exemption also makes sure you don’t have to pay sales tax on your new system. You can make a call to the solar panel cleaning Las Vegas, if you find yourself struck in any problem.

Florida homeowners are also eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).*** The ITC allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

Save on energy

Florida homes see higher than average energy bills. Florida utilities have different rates according to time of use (TOU). By going solar you can avoid these rates altogether and run on the sun. You will be covered at peak and super-peak. If you install batteries, you may only have the minimum payment each month.

Be prepared for outages

Florida has higher than average power outages annually. Some are planned, others are not. With solar and the right batteries, you will have enough backup power to get you through most outages. You can keep your air conditioner on even if the grid is down. You can coordinate with an HVAC technician here. Talk to your authorized dealer about the batteries that best fit your lifestyle needs. You can also go for MasterRoof Solar Panels and save your energy costs by going along with choosing a much clean energy solution.

Preserve Florida’s outdoors

Florida is lined with movie-worthy beaches and beautiful national parks. Homeowners may be going to solar denver to save money, but also to preserve their surroundings. By going solar you are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy systems help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and its reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar power freedom starts here. Get 25 years of clean, reliable solar power with Freedom Forever’s Production Guarantee! Your energy freedom starts here.



More expensive than solar and keeps rising

  • Continue renting& paying your energy forever
  • Electricity adds no extra value to your home
  • Does not help in selling your home faster
  • Receive no government tax credits
  • You cannot sell any energy back to company
  • Contribute to damaging the planet


Less expensive, Save money, fixed cost

  • Own your energy & reduce your electric bill
  • Immediate increased home value; avg. 10%
  • Home sells 20% faster; can transfer system
  • Get 26% in Gov’t tax credits; average $10,000+
  • You can sell your excess energy to electric co.
  • Help protect and save the planet

At Apricot Solar, we are dedicated to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone—with ZERO upfront costs.* Your home can become its own tiny power station and generate plenty of reliable energy, all while reducing your electricity bill. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your greener lifestyle will help your state achieve its renewable energy goals.

Apricot is a strategic partnership with Freedom Forever and Vivint Smart homes.

For more information and schedule your free in-home evaluation please call your local Apricot Representative and Parkland Resident Chris Ortiz at 954-850-1021 or email Chris.ortiz@apricotsolar.com


*For qualifying consumers who obtain third-party financing.

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