Camp Malachi 2013

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It’s that time of the year again when horse loving campers have the wonderful opportunity to be with other horse loving kids for part or all of their summer activities. Our campers range from ages 5 to young teens. It is so special to watch the “seasoned” teens mentoring the young beginners with patience and compassion, knowing they understand the excitement of that first experience with horses. After speaking to so many different students/campers, it seems the friends the campers make are as important as riding their favorite horse. That tells me it’s a happy place to be thanks to Camp Director “Miss Deb,” the special, kind horses and, of course, the counselors.

One of Malachi’s camp counselors, Samantha O’Hagen had this to say about her camp experience over the years… “My parents did not think that horse camp would be my thing, but they were sure wrong! 13 years after my first horse camp I’m still having a blast and using all the skills taught to me on that very first day, from basic horsemanship to how important teamwork is, whether it be with horses or humans. Malachi Acres has given me memories I will cherish forever along with life knowledge and goals that will help me in everyday life. I am so happy I am able to share those gifts I have learned with excited beginner horse lovers!”

Other campers from our community had basically the same positive experiences as Samantha.  Danielle Locrotondo said, “Camp at Malachi is so much fun! I go the entire summer and it has given me so many goals to achieve. I have been going to camp for several years now and I NEVER want to miss a camp day!” Sarah Moss of Lighthouse Point said, “I love the fact that I get to ride so many different horses at camp, in addition to my own. Each horse teaches me something new, just like people. Everyone is so friendly and I’m now looking forward to being a junior CIT.”

One dad commented on a camp day how impressed he was with the knowledge of safety the students showed while working with the horses. He noticed how each child, young and old worked so well together in getting their day started. They seemed to understand that horses are serious business.

I hope this gives you a small idea of the magic that happens when horses and children safely interact with each other.   954-255-7185(Barn)  •  954-464-1239(Cell)

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