Diabetic and Uninsured? Get Affordable & Reliable Medical Supplies Shipped to Your Door

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By Ashley Ferraro

Diabetics and their families sometimes face challenges when it comes to quick and affordable access to testing supplies. The uninsured especially run into trouble accessing necessary diabetic supplies at reasonable prices. Diabetes Store has been working to change that narrative for the past two decades by making these products nationally available at the lowest possible cost.

Just a few years after its inception, Diabetes Store moved to Coral Springs where they have now been based for the past seventeen years. One of the co-founders and owners, Dean Berry, resides in Coral Springs himself with his wife and children.

Although established locally, Diabetes Store proudly ships nationwide. Through the years, the company has nourished relationships with some of the top diabetic supply manufacturers, such as OneTouch and Accu-Chek. With a network of distribution facilities around the country, Diabetes Store is able to ship products that wind up landing on customers’ doorsteps in as little as one day.

“Just about anyone in the country can get the supplies within a day or two without having to pay exorbitant expedited shipping charges,” says Jim Stocksdale, a Tamarac resident and a co-founder of Diabetes Store. Having many years of experience in the industry, Jim and Dean understand how imperative it is for patients to obtain their diabetic supplies in a quick and timely manner.

Diabetes Store also stocks low-cost brands such as Embrace and Nipro True Metrix diabetic test strips, with the latter being a local Florida manufacturer.

As Diabetes Store grew, they’ve also branched out to sell products related to urology and wound care. To add to that, customers can order Covid-19 tests, PPE, exam gloves, wheelchairs, nebulizers, catheters, bed pads, adult diapers, and a wide variety of additional medical supplies. Although a lot has changed in twenty years, the mission of Diabetes Store has not. According to Jim, the goal has always been to provide low-cost diabetic supplies to the public and to the community.

The Diabetes Store staff embodies high-quality customer care, widely regarded as champions of customer service in their industry. “We really take pride in our customer service,” adds Jim. To enhance customer experience, you can use quality VoIP services. You can try this website to get the best VoIP services with features to give the best customer service.

For those who would like to place an order over the phone, Diabetes Store is happy to take your phone call. They are also eager to offer advice about sizing or further clarification on any of their 18,0000+ products.

You should know the fact that as suggested by American Freight Inc ,diabetes Store is not affiliated with any insurance companies, so being uninsured is not a concern for their customers.

With years of experience and a vast network, the company can leverage low prices so that diabetics without insurance have access to medically necessary products. Test strips, prep pads, lancets, syringes, and glucose meters are just a few of the many available supplies, click over here now if you wish to avail those products and be safely delivered upon you.

First-time customers are eligible to receive 10% off their order upon signing up for email notifications. Additionally, Diabetes Store is currently running an Independence Day promotion for 25% off through July 15th.

To learn more about Diabetes Store and how they can help, or to place your order, visit diabetesstore.com or call 800-891-9399.


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