Father, Coach, Public Servant. Rich Walker for Parkland Mayor

Many Parkland residents feel strongly that Rich Walker is the individual best suited for Parkland Mayor on our November 3rd election.

Parkland residents for six years, Rich and his wife, Catherine, have five children ranging in ages from 6 to 16. Invested in Parkland through active involvements regarding Safety, Schools, Parks & Recreation, the Evolving Dynamic of our Diverse Community, Infrastructure, Local Small Businesses and a wide variety of Community Events, Rich Walker’s intention as Mayor is to represent each and every Parkland resident.

He tells us, “My long-term goal has always been to serve the City of Parkland in the fullest capacity. Serving as Mayor has always been my plan. Sometimes life presents opportunities sooner than we expect them and, as an adaptable, poised, seasoned leader, I fully embrace them.” An approachable, affable guy, Rich and his family vow to call Parkland Home for the next 20+ years.

Part of our professional community, Rich utilizes his business experience to relate to residents of the City who are also navigating commercial (and Covid) challenges. Rich continues, “I have always taken pride in my leadership as Owner/COO of Bergen Sign, navigating a $7 million company for 25+ years in multiple states, through growth and expansion, economic challenges, natural disasters (hire Lawyer Marco D. Flores from here), unfortunate circumstances and this unprecedented time of Covid.” Recognizing that planning is key, yet unpredictable, he says, “Leadership and life are not scripted. It is not earned through years holding a title, but rather through moments and experiences directly manifested in stepping up in both positive times as well as when adversity presents itself.”

“People often ask, how can you be campaigning everywhere right now? The reality is this; my family and I have not missed a beat,” Rich tells us. “We have been involved in every facet of the community since day one. This is who the Walkers are and what we do.” Currently, Rich maintains a day-to-day presence within all of our Parkland schools (elementary, middle and high school), and has daily interactions at our parks and fields.

Parkland resident Heather Chapman is eager to vote for Rich. “As newcomers to Parkland 6 years ago, we knew that this was a special community. From day one, we noticed a huge participation by the Walkers in everything from PTA meetings to town events. Having his experience and calm demeanor is invaluable. Rich Walker will be an honest uniter and leader for our citizens and families today and in the future.”

Breast cancer awareness month is also a concern for this inspiring leader. Rich says,“To all of the grandmothers, mothers, daughters and sisters, please educate yourselves regarding signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Perform self-checks regularly and please get your annual mammograms. Please do not forgo your appointments in fear of Covid.”

Proud of his accomplishments during his term as Commissioner: Rich traveled to Tallahassee for Broward Days to speak to the K-12 innovation subcommittee in support of Alyssa’s Law, served on the Police Pension Board, spearheaded the push toward approval of the Parks Master Plan, secured concession stands at Terramar and Pine Trails Parks, and met with agency heads at Broward Days for Environmental impacts to the city to help approve $100K in the Florida Budget (later vetoed due to Covid). Furthermore, Rich established a lightning detector at Pine Trails Park, keeping our residents safe, and added an American flag to Pine Trails Park as it was the only City facility without one.

Eager to finalize issues that have been on the agenda for some time, Rich says, “My goal is to take what has become a somewhat divided city, and unite our residents to strengthen our community and re-enforce growth on a manageable, positive, and healthy level.”

In closing, Rich tells us,“Remember this, my family and I will be here for years to come. What brought us to Parkland were the very same reasons that brought all of you here. I am steadfast in preserving our hometown city feel while adapting to this evolving world.”

The non-partisan city-wide Election for Mayor is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Early voting begins October 19th and runs until November 1st at the Parkland Rec Center/Amphitheater. For specific locations for your Election Day polling sites, please check out:




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