Fitness at your door

Fitness At Your Door

By Shellie Miller

Kashawn Fraser is a man on a mission to help individuals reach their fitness goals while positively impacting their lives. With a contagious enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a compassionate approach, he aims to match clients with the best personal trainer in Liverpool who will partner with them to achieve their fitness goals in a positive and uplifting manner.

Drawing on his experience as a professional player in both the NFL and CFL, Kashawn recognized the need for affordable and accessible fitness training that could be conveniently accessed by anyone. This realization came to him during his time in Canada when he relied on Uber to get around. His mission became focused on making fitness training accessible and affordable to all. For those seeking to improve their health and wellness in Liverpool, working with the best personal trainer liverpool has to offer can provide the support and guidance needed to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s almost impossible to have a conversation with this man and not see the positivity in his focus for doing the right thing. “If you get the right person, a trainer can really transform your life,” Kashawn elucidates. “My goal was to bring the high standard of training back to the industry.” Playing football and basketball in college, fitness was always a passion for Kashawn, and he saw the value in bringing people what they needed… Great quality training in their individual homes, scheduled at a time that was convenient for the client.

Diana Virella feels that Kashawn has helped her meet and then exceed her goals. She tells us, “Kashawn is the best trainer I have ever had! He is extremely knowledgeable and customizes the workouts to help me work around my previous injuries and overcome my limitations. He’s more than a trainer, he’s a master of his craft, a motivator, and a kind person.”

Currently with 75 trainers on the site, and more than 100 available at any given time, “We do a lot of research and evaluations,” Kashawn says. “Each trainer has an extensive background check, and we make sure they are certified in the fitness industry and are also insured.” Focused on interpersonal relationships and each client’s individual success, Kashawn continues, “We always want to make sure that each trainer is a good fit for FitnessAtYourDoor; are they innovative trainers? Do they get results? One of the most important things to me is that fitness doesn’t come first, people do! I want to be sure that each trainer genuinely cares about people.”

A man of faith and positive energy, a pivotal moment came at one of Kashawn‘s training sessions. “I was training a man named Michael, who had lost 45 pounds in 90 days. He told me, “You changed my life and saved my marriage! I stopped smoking cigarettes!”

Every program is custom made for each client. Physical evaluations, goal discussions, nutrition information, and budget concerns are all part of matching clients with the best professional for their desired outcome.

Trainers are all certified in FitnessAtYourDoor culture and techniques. Each have various affiliations, and clients can hire a standard (1 to 3 years of certified training experience) or an advanced trainer (3-4 years of certified training with a proven track record… Many were collegiate or professional athletes, have competed in fitness competitions or have accomplished cool feats in fitness like winning spartan races.).

Our interview concludes with Kashawn telling us, “No matter what kind of fitness you are looking for, we are able to help you. We are built for busy entrepreneurs, families that want to train together, people who don’t have time, or who have tried everything and feel like nothing has worked. We can tailor everything our client needs based on the specialties of our variety of trainers.”

Another satisfied client, Aaron Rothenberg, says, “Kashawn brings a wealth of knowledge and drive to his business! I don’t think I have ever seen someone as passionate as he is about any profession! The product FitnessAtYourDoor puts out, with trainers coming straight to you, is tremendous and the platform works perfectly. Great business!”

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