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How Genesis Physical Medicine Is Paving The Way For Non-Surgical Knee Treatment

By Ashley Ferraro

Chronic knee pain doesn’t need to be viewed as a permanent “be all, end all,” for the rest of your life. It certainly doesn’t have to require invasive surgeries, injections, or drugs for treatment. That’s what the folks at Genesis Physical Medicine in Fort Lauderdale believe. For the past year, Dr. Mike Rozenblum and his colleagues have implemented their revolutionary Five Point Knee Restoration Program developed for patients experiencing persistent knee pain.

This revolutionary program utilizes cutting-edge techniques such as Knee Decompression, muscle balancing techniques and therapeutic LED therapy. You can also click here for physical therapy in Idaho Falls. For those accepted, much of the program is administered at Genesis’ office through cutting edge therapies to the muscles and joints. The other portion of care is conveniently performed by the patient at home, with the help of state-of-the-art equipment provided by Genesis.

According to Dr. Rozenblum, who’s been in practice for 28 years, it’s crucial to offer non-surgical treatment options to patients experiencing this kind of chronic knee pain. “With surgery, you have the risk of infection, nerve damage and several other unwanted, unexpected and undesired outcomes.” He adds, “Our program is extremely safe. There are no known risk factors for those we accept for treatment.”

Dr. Rozenblum explains, “What I love about our evaluation is that on the first visit to our office, we know who will benefit from treatment and who will not. 100% of patients accepted for care demonstrate a 10-15% improvement, immediately after their first Test Treatment.

Dr. Rozenblum notes that his Knee Restoration Program has success stories from patients of all ages. One of his favorite accounts is about a fifteen-year-old girl who developed chronic knee pain due to series of uncontrollable falls. In her case, the problem wasn’t necessarily severe enough for surgery, but physical therapy was unsuccessful.

“She went through our evaluation, she went through our Test Treatment, and she did amazingly well,” he says. “After the Test Treatment, her parents thought it was impressive enough that they elected to move forward with the program.”

The Knee Restoration Program is ideal for patients experiencing pain for numerous reasons, including post-surgical knee complications. Dr. Rozenblum recently had a patient who lost feeling in her knee after undergoing knee replacement surgery, limiting her knee function. After just four weeks of treatment, her knee regained feeling and function.

“At the end of the day, outcomes are what we’re looking for,” he adds. “We want to be honest and realistic, but we do believe that everybody deserves to feel great. If we know we can help somebody, we’re going to accept their case.”

Aside from chronic knee pain treatment, Genesis specializes in disc-related problems such as Sciatica, as well as Peripheral Neuropathy. Dr. Rozenblum works alongside longtime partner Dr. Lisa Green and associate Dr. Klaudia Bohorquez to offer patients high-quality care, but most importantly, results.

Genesis Physical Medicine boasts of having “the most friendly and courteous Spanish bilingual staff,” Dr. Rozenblum emphasizes, “No one is going to ‘out customer service’ us! Our team does their very best for every patient, every time; it’s our culture. No one will care how much we know, until they know how much we care.”

To learn more about Genesis Physical Medicine and Dr. Rozenblum’s Knee Restoration Program, visit www.genesisphysicalmedicine.com or call (954) 977-0888.

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