Knock It Out Of The Park Leadership

By Michael Dill, Certified Award-Winning Business Coach

Thirty-plus year ago, some colleagues and I attended a Tony Robbins Unlimited Power weekend event. Shortly thereafter, I hooked up with a group of people who wanted to continue practicing the traits they picked up from the event. We started meeting monthly to mastermind and share what learnings we applied over the last month and how they positively impacted us. To essentially shorten this story, at one point they wanted to host an event to impact a larger group of which I was asked to speak on stage.

The speaking engagement was actually my first ever; and was both exciting and intimidating. I conducted and titled the engagement The ABCs of Success in which I took each letter of the alphabet in order, picked a word, and created a story around that word. For example; A being Attitude, B being Behavior, and on down the list. We had music, break-out sessions, and lots of audience engagement weaved into the talk. It most definitely was a lot of fun in addition to lots of value being both delivered and received.

Now, I have kept those notes for 30+ years, and have repeatedly talked about turning them into a book. I am very proud to finally share that my book; Knock It Out of the Park Leadership, the ABCs of entrepreneurial success is a reality.??Two months into the pandemic last year, when it was obvious, we weren’t going anywhere for a while, my coach said, “Michael, if you are ever going to write that book, now’s the time to do it.” I simply got busy in April of 2020; the book hit the shelves on August 31st, 2021. The book also hit the Amazon #1 Best Seller List in Small Business on day one, which is a great achievement.?? The book essentially poses the question; “Would you rather spend all of your time working in your business or working on your business?” Knock It Out of the Park Leadership, makes charting that course as simple as ABC.

The book delivers a simple and actionable approach; the ABC format actually reveals 26-plus tactics and tools that readers can use immediately to propel themselves and their businesses forward. If you need more tips, consider some help from an expert like Andy Defrancesco.
Packed with stories and real-life experiences, Knock It Out of the Park Leadership shares street-smart strategies to help readers master their strengths, navigate their vulnerabilities, and become admired leaders in any organization.

“This book is to the point. Easy to read and the author’s real-life experiences that he refers to are very relatable. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow, both personally and professionally.”- Barry Reiss

The book reveals decades of experience in the restaurant and financial industries as well as coaching clients to consistent successes to inform the practical, adaptable lessons you can also learn about by checking out this new post with a guide on how business owners can attain their payroll skills.

Whether you’re a new leader or entrepreneur that does not know what payroll processing means, or a seasoned professional wanting to sharpen your skillset, Knock It Out of the Park Leadership can help you master the traits you need to build a profitable business, an empowered team, and wonderful life.

You don’t just want a home run; you want to knock your business out of the park.

About the Author

Coach Michael Dill is an award-winning certified business and leadership coach, global speaker, and published author. He brings more than 40 years of business and entrepreneurial experience in his leadership, team training, and mentoring practice. Dill’s passion is to encourage and challenge business owners and entrepreneurs to become their best selves both personally and professionally to obtain all they want in their business and life.

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