The Diary of a Grateful Heart

By Wylie Farrugia

The first cold front of the season creeps down every street
Gifting us a much needed break from the blistering heat
Children rush outside to test the chill in the air
The spirit of the autumn season can be found everywhere
Students flock to the high school stadium for those exhilarating friday night lights
The marching band plays “the eye of the tiger” while the colorguard twirls along in matching tights
Mothers call aunts, who call grandmas, who call cousins
To make plans for the big feast, with family recipes to choose from by the dozens
There’s excitement infecting every household from Broward county down to Dade
Preparations are in place and plans have been made
The hope of reuniting after a couple of rough years
Brings even the toughest of men to allow themselves joyous tears
The nostalgia of happy memories are replayed in conversation
Warm hugs and kind gestures are shared throughout the nation
Look how strong we are when we lift each other up and unite
We can melt away heartbreak and spread our light
This season, I am thankful for every uplifting soul
Working together, as a family, as a community, as a whole.

This year it’s been a blessing to reconnect with family members and friends I’ve missed. After such a long time of chaos and uncertainty, seeing and catching up with loved ones seems to melt away fear and spark the anticipation of new beginnings. Fresh lines on elder’s faces expose new milestones and laughter which has occurred in our time apart, revealing new stories to share in conversation.

If you are lucky enough to experience the reunification of loved ones, remember to express gratitude. If you are able to read this article, you are blessed with the ability of sight, remember to express gratitude. If you are able to wake up and hear the lovely song of the mockingbird, remember to express gratitude. If you are able to taste the savory flavor of a juicy turkey leg, remember to express gratitude. If you are able to feel the warm hug of a friend, remember to express gratitude.

My message to you this November is to express gratitude however you see fit. Examples of this could be by repaying strangers with random acts of kindness, by voicing your feelings towards somebody who’s made an impact on your life, by cooking a meal for a family that may be grieving the loss of a loved one, or even by inviting a lonely individual to sit at your table for a Thanksgiving feast.

We are all doing our best to find a safe place in this world, to overcome adversity, and to make our mark. Remember to express gratitude when you embark on this spectacular journey of life… for the seemingly small things, make up a wonderfully big picture with priceless moments filling in the spaces. I want to personally thank the Parkland and Coral Springs community for supporting my family’s magazine – The Spectator – during its 20 years of business. My parents put their heart and soul into this, and I have watched with admiration throughout my life. Without you Readers, this piece of vital community information wouldn’t be made possible. We are forever grateful for your support and loyalty!

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