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Meet the Hammad Family

Gabe and Meera are thrilled to be raising their family in Coral Springs since 2014. Although both have a history in Coral Springs in their younger years, they had moved away for a time and then came back “home.” They are proud of their two sons, Aden and Leo, and have also recently welcomed a new puppy, Phoebe.

Gabe has been involved in finance and ticketing and was the Box Office Director of the Coral Springs Center for the Arts for 7 years before landing a fantastic job as the Inventory and Revenue Optimization Manager of Loud & Live, which is a Latin Based entertainment, marketing, and content development company.

Meets has been in Marketing/Advertising for 17 years; she tells us, “I started here at the Center as Marketing/Admin for Next Stop Broadway and moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2009 with Gabe where I landed a job as a Junior Talent Agent for a top 20 boutique talent agency where I specialized in managing and booking dancers and specialty acts for TV, Tours, movies, commercials, etc.”

She continues,”We moved back to Coral Springs in 2014 where Gabe and I came right back to the Center. He started working in Box Office and I became the Marketing Director for the Center in 2016. I’ve been here ever since and now have been promoted to Interim General Manager, helping the City with the transition from PFM over to the City of Coral Springs – with hopes to continue as General Manager after the transition in October!”

Both of their sons enjoy sports; including the city Basketball team as well as swim at the Aquatics center, but both Aden and Leo have found their passion at Next Stop Broadway Summer Camp. Meera says, “They are loving every aspect of the performing arts – singing, acting, dancing, writing, directing, you name it.”

Gabe and Meera actually met when they started teaching at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Meera was the choreographer for shows and Gabe was the director for the shows. “We continued to teach until 2009 when we trekked across the country to LA,” Meera says, “and then resumed teaching in 2014 for another two years until our first son was born. We are active volunteers for our son’s school, Parkside Elementary School.

When they aren’t in the theater or playing outside, Mom says, “We are very much into creating lasting, wonderful core memories with our boys, and one thing we do frequently is “Movie Sundays” where we take the boys to the movies on Sunday mornings (we usually surprise them with the movie). We also like to make different types of food together as a family. We each have an apron, and for example, we will take fresh dough and give everyone the ingredients and we all make our own pizza.”

Leo will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and my Aden will be entering 2nd grade – both at Parkside Elementary. Both exceptionally smart, Leo loves reading, and Aden loves both Math and Reading.

When asking Gabe about his feelings for coral springs, he tells us, “I love that Coral Springs and Parkland continue to be communities that put families first.” Meera shares, “Growing up in this town and returning after many years to find the same local stores and restaurants are still thriving is such a wonderful feeling. My husband and I constantly tell our kids “back when we went to this school…” or “I used to perform at Our Town on that stage right there” and although it may be annoying to our children, it offers a sense of nostalgia and love for our town.”

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