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Get Organized in Time for School

By Carmen Johnson, CEO of The Organized Concept

Kids’ workspaces are sometimes really enjoyable to work on, and sometimes… they are not. That’s usually because I never know what I am going to get with a kids’ homework space, since each one is so different. Kids learn differently and their spaces for homework, creativity, and exploration should reflect that. So, when gearing up to organize a student’s space, I approach it with apprehension, then either breathe a sigh of relief or brace myself for a long day ahead.

As we prepare to go back to school, it can become overwhelming to purchase the school supply list and then your own school supplies for homework… and then there’s the organizing it all so you can find what you need when you need it. Here are some tips that may help make the task a little less daunting!

A School Supply Drawer

Just when we thought we had a single spot to ourselves – we remembered we are parents and there is no such thing. Sound familiar? You might as well make room for the supplies everyone in the house constantly asks for and save yourself the time and energy of tracking them down. Find a drawer at home – in your home office, in a bedroom or even the kitchen – to dedicate to school supplies:

1. Separate compartments for pens, highlighters, pencils, a pencil sharpener for when the pencils break, and mechanical pencils for those moments when everything else fails because homework must still get done.
2. Organize crayons by shade family to easily find the color you need.
School Supply Wall

If you want a dedicated school supply space, but do not have your own office or room, you can easily create one using an open wall! All it takes is an attached unit and a little bit of room. For this makeshift space, you can take a section in a bedroom or kitchen. Choose a wall unit that includes built-in desktop and extra shelving. You can add acrylic organization solutions to see all the supplies and have your students easily find what they need.

A Supply Cabinet

Not everyone has the space for an office closet, let alone an office. But scissors, supplies, and extra printer paper have to live somewhere. When you are short on space, remember to maximize your cabinets. You can turn any empty cabinet (even one in the kitchen!) into a supply station for your family.

1. Stack copy paper and color paper on stacked, open bins.
2. Use oversized clear cups to house scissors, markers, and pencils.
3. Use school caddies to keep school supplies and art supplies tidy.

Let’s start off the new school year organized and ready to tackle any homework project!

Carmen has worked as a home organizer in Coral Springs since 2020. Organization is her love language. As a mom of three boys, she understands life can get chaotic at times and wants to help create systems for parents who need to control the clutter to make life a bit easier. Please follow Carmen on Instagram@carmenorganizes

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