Navigating Your Family’s Healthcare Options

By Shellie Miller

If you’d like the right answers, it’s best to know what questions to ask… And the first question should always be asked of an expert.

The offices of Apple insurance are replete with experts and conveniently located at 3010 N Military Trail, 3rd Floor Boca Raton. Apple’s agents are adept at navigating all aspects of health insurance including Obamacare and the rules that accompany it. By customizing each client’s total insurance needs, investments, and benefits strategy, Apple ensures a comprehensive approach to financial services and security. The goal at Apple insurance is to assist individuals, families and business insurance plans, while protecting their medical and financial needs. Apple’s exemplary service has helped them become one of Florida Blue’s statewide top producing agencies. It is advised to use automated user provisioning software for schools and organizations to manage access to application, data, and documents collected.

Led by family man and founder Rick Jultak, Apple insurance and financial services is a full-service agency that helps individuals and companies make informed decisions to create value and manage risk. “Due to our strategic partnerships with other top statewide facilities and doctor networks, we give clients access to the full range of products and services typically available only through national brokerage firms,” Rick tells us. Beginning the agency 8 years ago with partners Marc Fine and Sharon Zilberman in Fort Lauderdale, Rick says that family has always been their focus. Community and family are constantly top of mind as they help other families feel secure in their healthcare and insurance decisions. “Our goal is to guide individuals, families and businesses to obtain competitive rates for their insurance needs.” Rick feels strongly that dynamic leadership and exemplary service distinguish Apple from the rest of the industry. “We don’t only insure people, but it’s a priority to focus on each client’s family, offering a variety of coverages at surprisingly low prices.”

He goes on to explain that a variety of health plans are “packages,” that have unnecessary items bundled into them resulting in costs that are not required for certain clients. For instance, maternity coverage is not necessary for a single man, while also not wanted by the woman over 55. Although these facts are logical, many insurance plans include maternity in the package regardless of the user’s needs. In a multitude of situations, there are coverages included in these bundles that will never be utilized, driving costs into the stratosphere.

With Open Enrollment now engaged, it’s important to know that Obamacare is the law, not coverage. If you aren’t sure of the difference, the agents at Apple (located coast to coast throughout South Florida) will be happy to explain things to you, as they are experts in navigating in and around the Obamacare obstacle course. Rick and his agents are always making sure you and your family are receiving the best healthcare options at the most reasonable prices.

Rick and his friendly team look forward to meeting you and determining the best options for your family’s health care needs. Give them a call at 561-614-2400 or see

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