Popularity with Passion!

Parkland girls rec soccer

By Cheri Tishman

What is the most watched, most played, most revenue-generating, and most popular sport in the world??You got it – soccer (or football as it is called in Europe)!?Although, it’s not yet the #1 sport in America, you would never know if you visited the local soccer fields in Coral Springs and Parkland between the months of November and March.

But what’s making soccer such a popular sport?

It starts with the fact that anyone can play. Known in Brazil as “The Beautiful Game,” soccer doesn’t take a lot of fancy and expensive equipment to play, which has added to its worldwide popularity. It can be played almost anywhere there’s a large open space, by anyone, male or female, at any age with just a ball and something to mark the two goals.

Secondly, soccer players are some of the most fit athletes in the world, and the more experienced the player, the better and more exciting the moves. Young players are learning signature moves like the step-over and jump cut, the rivelino, the Zidane turn and probably the most famous, the Beckham free kick.?These magical moves are what keep the team members practicing, playing and bringing the Spectators to the fields.

And what else contributes to soccer’s popularity?

There are the 3.4 billion fans! No one knows exactly when or where soccer started but the undisputed birthplace of our modern soccer is Britain.? Back in the 8th century, soccer games were very violent. There is a story that one of the first soccer games East of England was played with the severed head of a Danish prince, who the Brits had defeated in battle!? I’m so glad the game has changed!?Whenever and wherever it started, the most important element in soccer back then and today are the fans. The fans bring such an amazing atmosphere to the fields, with love and enthusiasm for the game.

Soccer is really more than just a game… it’s a passion, it’s entertaining and it’s a business. One coach even told me that it’s kind of a religion that becomes part of your life for as long as you live! To see all this energy in action, come out to the fields on any given day and enjoy the most popular sport in the world…. Soccer!

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