Protect Your Home and Family From Mosquitos and Termites This Summer

It’s termite season in South Florida, and with temperatures and humidity levels rising, mosquito season is also quickly underway. Our friends at JP Miller & Sons Services have nearly five decades of pest control experience that is available in good rates, keeps on reminding us that prevention is the best way to avoid the headache and health risk of termites and mosquitos this summer.

A leader in the pest control vancouver industry, JP Miller & Sons has tapped into the latest backed-by-science technology for controlling these troublesome insects. Jimmy Miller is the son of the company’s Founder, Joseph Miller. He notes that one of the biggest departures from what people have come to understand about traditional mosquito control is that it can now be done preventatively. Not to mention, these newer treatments are more environmentally sustainable and much more cost-effective to maintain.

The In2Care Mosquito Trap is a professional-use-only product that Jimmy believes is a game-changer for the industry. The trap works by attracting the female and providing a place to lay her eggs, effectively killing both the mother and the developing larvae. Traditional treatments tend to wait until mosquitoes have hatched eliminating them. The preventative remedy offered by JP Miller & Sons tackles the root of the problem, affording lasting results.

JP Miller & Sons also offers a self-service mosquito prevention product that can be shipped anywhere and easily installed by the homeowner. It utilizes red and black pigmentation to attract the insects and, similar to the In2Care Mosquito Trap, uses moisture to create a model breeding ground for the female.

Both products are what the Miller family believes is revolutionizing the pest control industry. Jimmy reiterates the old cliche, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Prevention is just as critical for termite control, as an infestation isn’t always easy to identify off the bat. Homeowners are at risk of both drywood termites and subterranean termites, the latter being most troublesome. Subterranean termites move through the soil and into the home, typically showing signs of damage once it’s already too late. Drywood termites tend to attack the exterior of the home first, making them a bit easier to identify. If you’re thinking of having a home improvement done, seek help from this team by visitng their address:

To combat those elusive pests, JP Miller & Sons implements soil treatments and state-of-the-art bait stations. Jimmy explains that the Sentricon station is an active monitoring system equipped to wipe out entire termite colonies.

Regardless if someone has had bouts with drywood termites or not, Jimmy recommends that every home have a subterranean termite prevention plan, as the damage caused by these insects can be detrimental. “We’ve had houses where ceilings and doors had to be opened up, as the trusses are falling apart.” It is better to approach the experts from garage door repair burleson who ensures that the doors are strong and doesn’t allow any pest to damage their properties in the future. To learn more about garage repair and other services, you can go right here at this website: Get more ideas by visiting this website at and learning the benefits of having a pole barn garage.

JP Miller & Sons also offers an attic treatment recommended for anyone who has recently fumigated their home. Since new termites have been known to arrive as soon as the next day, this treatment is designed to function as both a preventative and curative for attic trusses.

The threat of mosquitoes and termites can be unnerving, but a few simple preventative measures will help you protect your families and your homes this summer, which is important if you want to sell your home, and you can do it faster, with the use of services like sell your house fast denver co online.

For more information on the various pest control services offered by JP Miller & Sons or to get in touch, please visit or call 954-421-6187.


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