SOFLO NINJA ACADEMY… Broward’s Ultimate Fitness and Entertainment Destination

By Ashley Ferraro

This fall, Broward County will welcome a real-life version of the popular NBC competition reality show, American Ninja Warrior. SOFLO Ninja Academy, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and entertainment center for adults and kids alike, was inspired by the show and offers a unique athletic development path diverging from traditional recreational and fitness options. The American Ninja training program focuses on upper body exercises and provides a variety of obstacles to accommodate individuals with different needs, encouraging them to overcome their limitations.

Expert coaches, some of whom are participating in the current season of American Ninja Warrior, are highly skilled and experienced in the art of ninja training. Among them is fan favorite R.J. Roman.

The gym is equipped with intricate obstacle courses that challenge balance, agility, strength, and endurance. Even those with limited athletic or fitness backgrounds are encouraged to participate, as there’s something for everyone.

SOFLO Ninja Academy is also an excellent entertainment space, perfect for hosting events such as children’s birthday parties, corporate events, or team-building activities on the obstacle course. From adult night to family visits, there’s nothing more rewarding than putting your body and mind to the ultimate test and proving to yourself just how much you can accomplish.

The concept was developed by a team passionate about indoor recreation and inclusivity. Leo Gordon and his wife, Mayda, are Parkland residents and the visionaries behind SOFLO Ninja Academy. They say the new facility is more than just a business. Blending fitness with fun and making the two accessible to everyone is important to their family. Their youngest daughter, Emma, is disabled, and the family looks forward to building a business and environment where she can get involved.

Joining the Gordon family on this exciting new business venture is Coral Springs resident and American Ninja Warrior competitor, Vinnie Castranova(The Plumbing Ninja).

“We’ve always loved the idea of a family business,” says Leo. “Now we can include everyone and offer an opportunity for people to learn something new while having a great time.”

Leo and Vinnie have traveled around the country to visit other American Ninja facilities, connect with their owners, and conduct the necessary research before building the SOFLO Ninja Academy in Broward County. Once completed, it will be the only American Ninja training facility in the area, and the demand for the opening day has never been higher.

The passionate team of fitness professionals and enthusiasts are eager to invite Parkland and Coral Springs, regardless of age or athletic background, to try something new, challenge themselves, and learn the way of the ninja.

In a world where routine gym workouts can become monotonous, this fresh concept provides a change of pace. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or seeking a new adventure, SOFLO Ninja Academy invites you to become an American Ninja.

The brand new facility is located in Pompano Beach, at 1751 W Copans Road.

Follow SOFLO Ninja Academy on Instagram @sofloninjaacademy to watch the facility come to life and look out for the grand opening. More info.can be found at

SOFL Ninja Acadey

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