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Beyond the Finish Line: Join the Race Junkies Movement

By Ashley Ferraro

In the heart of Parkland and Coral Springs, a vibrant community of people, known as the Race Junkies, has come together. The group gathers not only to pursue their athletic aspirations, but also to form friendships based on shared interests. With this mission in mind, the Race Junkies also give back to the community by advocating for road safety, aiming to make our streets safer for runners, bikers, and drivers alike.

Founded by former soccer player turned triathlete Diego Velasquez, Race Junkies was born out of a deep passion for endurance sports and the desire to create a supportive community. After an injury put an end to his soccer career, Velasquez channeled his energy into triathlons, discovering a new avenue for personal growth and a sense of camaraderie. In 2011, he took the plunge into the world of triathlons and later established Race Junkies, a dynamic training and social group for local athletic enthusiasts.

With open arms, the group welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds to join them on foot, bike, and in water. With 138 members hailing from local neighborhoods, Race Junkies has become a haven for those seeking both physical improvement and genuine connections. A few members have even relocated from across state lines to join the group right here in Parkland and Coral Springs.

As Race Junkies continues to grow and foster a tight-knit community of athletes in Parkland and Coral Springs, the importance of comfort and protection during their active pursuits cannot be understated. Many members have found that investing in reliable toyota covers for their vehicles has become an essential part of their gear. These seat covers not only provide durability and protection against the wear and tear of an active lifestyle but also reflect the shared commitment to quality and performance that defines the Race Junkies ethos. So, as these dedicated athletes hit the road to train and advocate for road safety, their Toyota seat covers serve as a practical and stylish addition to their journey, ensuring that their vehicles are as prepared as they are for the challenges ahead.

The Race Junkies aren’t just athletes; they’re a family. Their recent venture to the Maine 70.3 triathlon showcased their commitment to both competition and companionship. Nearly 40 members and their families embarked on this journey up the East Coast.

Of all places, the trek to Maine was inspired by Diego’s wife’s desire to indulge in the state’s famed lobster cuisine. The epic trip resulted in a second-place finish that solidified their prowess as a team and offered the gift of lasting memories. Not to mention, lots of fresh seafood!

Balancing their dedication to training with a “work hard, play hard” mindset, Race Junkies understands the importance of a holistic approach to life. As much as they relish the rigors of workouts and the thrill of competition, they also value their downtime; and of course, parties on the weekends.

Next up for the Race Junkies is the Panama City Ironman 140.6. With a lineup of 20 athletes, including 15 first-time participants, the group is eager to take on this fulfilling challenge.

As much as the group loves to travel, there’s plenty of action happening locally. For example, the Race Junkies meet at Deerfield Beach every Friday morning at dawn to swim together. Throughout the week, you’ll find them biking or running across our cities.

Race Junkies’ impact extends beyond the finish line. Collaborating with Mayor Walker of Parkland, the group is working diligently to raise awareness and implement practical solutions that make local roads safer for everyone. For the Race Junkies, it’s about fostering an environment of understanding and respect on the road.

In the end, Race Junkies’ mission is clear: to change lives through sport and shared experiences. If you’re searching for a community that celebrates achievement, promotes health, and values road safety, look no further.

To learn more about the Race Junkies or join the movement, look for the “Race Junkies” public group on Facebook.


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