Family in Focus September 2023

Meet the Ferrari Family

Parkland residents Randle and Krystal are blessed with their four daughters, Josephine, 6, Giuliana, almost 5, Dorothy, 3, and the cherubic Brielle, one. According to Dad, “They affectionately respond to the monikers “JJ,” “GG,” “DD,” and “BB,” respectively.” The couple agree that someday, when Krystal has a son, that will signify the end of her childbearing journey. The Ferrari family also includes Mylo, a spirited three-legged Papillon, and Dr. Bubba, a Bambino Sphinx. Randy also notes that they have a menagerie of seven chickens, an abundance of wild rabbits, and a profusion of Cuban anoles living throughout their rural property.

In their previous careers, Randy was in charge of an international automobile shipping enterprise, and Krystal worked in the dental supply industry. “Currently, our vocational path has been realigned to embrace a more organic ethos,” Randy shares. “My spouse now serves as a doula, lending her expertise to maternal care, while my own pursuits involve mentoring individuals through yoga, meditation, and life philosophy. As proponents of ecological harmony, our interests have converged towards bioagroforestry and permaculture, manifesting in transformative endeavors within Parkland.”

After living in Parkland, for five years, the couple are thrilled that their four daughters are all involved in tending to their verdant homestead. The three oldest girls are involved in martial arts, where JJ has been for three years, followed by GG with two years, and DD has just begun.

Randy, who often goes by the moniker #GirlDad, enjoys staying connected to community events, while meeting other like-minded, neighbors and friends. He and the girls are very much enjoying participation in events such as the Indian Princess gatherings, a testament to their commitment to communal resonance.

When they are not in school or tending to their property, Randy tells us, “Embracing an active lifestyle, we find solace in aquatic pursuits through frequent swims, engage in leisurely bicycling escapades, and indulge in whimsical games of hide and seek. Further satiating our penchant for the outdoors, camping excursions punctuate our family chronicle.” Dedicated to sharing a variety of flora and fauna natural to Florida, Randy shares his knowledge and plants with those who are interested. He says, “The commitment to nurturing finds tangible expression in the diligent care and cultivation of banana pups. This horticultural endeavor extends to the generous dissemination of nearly twenty homegrown specimens, exchanged for philanthropic donations, ranging from avocados to Whopper begonia cuttings.”

Their three eldest daughters attend North Broward Prep, where they attend first grade, kindergarten, and pre-K3. Their favorites include JJ’s penchant for photography and the culinary reprieve of lunchtime, GG’s animated engagement during recess, and DD’s artistic finger painting.

Randy was raised in West Palm Beach, and Krystal hails from California. They are thrilled to be living in a central area of Parkland, free from HOAs. They are happy to be close to friends and family, while able to pursue individual and environmental goals.

Ferrari Family

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